Jamal received the award for special contribution to Ukrainian music

Recently, the star has received a new award and talked about it to fans in Instagram.

Джамала получила награду за особый вклад в украинскую музыку

Jamal has published a picture with the statue — her song “1944”, with which she won the Eurovision song contest, made the list of “20 iconic songs for 20 years”. In the photo the artist is depicted in a black jacket mens cut with an interesting hair — she curled your straight hair into cute curls.

In the caption, the singer thanked for the rendered trust and honor.

“Thank you for nagaraju @yunaawards “znakovi of 20 songs for 20 years”. I think, scho drew lachey 20 songs for 20 years — TSE neimovirna smoothly. In Tsey period Bulo bagato target nadzvychaina Valevich songs, that to sublate people. Those scho sama 1944 potrapila from this list, for me it is important. Of course, hotly b, schob tudi potrapila I “to get lost”, and “Way dodomu”, and “Chomu flowers toil Ochi”, and… perhaps, everything.

1944 — always I bude Bula special to me. Vdiachna everyone knows, what does hto Rozum I patrimoniu! I vdiachna Tim, hto not rozumu. VI was spookily spate mene shte better I gusse! Thank you YUNA for Qiu honor I dovru. I namahatta of pisati songs, that would balisilica in history ukraïnskoï music”, — shared his emotions Jamal.

Fans immediately showered the beloved singer sincere congratulations in the comments.

  • Congratulations ja, hug
  • The song is very cool, it is a prayer of strength, but there will be so many great songs !
  • 1944 forever recorded in the history of Ukrainian music, I don’t think there will be more songs like that ever
  • As you go wave these
  • Good job. Struggle against this rock!
  • Auri more I VSI neimovirna ccav. Vitayu.
  • Vitayu ! Song Yak really , a landmark for vsih ukraïntsiv! Nadusha scho shte bude such songs more than a dozen!
  • Congratulations! Deservedly so!
  • Beauty
  • Very charming Jamal. Cool Queen
  • Vitayu!!!! VI that wart!!
  • Vitayu , Ja. Us Vashi songs nazavzhdi to salesasia in history ukraïnskoï music , and most importantly — in sarzeh people !
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