Japan: excursions to Mount Fuji finally start again

Japan: excursions to Mount Fuji finally start again

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Japan: excursions to Mount Fuji finally start again

The terrible COVID-19 pandemic is anything but past, but somehow the world has learned to live with it, and between preventive measures and vaccinations that have now started, slowly we begin to reopen and try to start again with everyone’s life the days. Even the Mount Fuji, with the situation that seems to be slowly improving, reopens its paths and allows excursions again.

It was the May 18, 2020, when we brought you the news of the closure of the trails Yoshida, Subashiri, Gotemba is Fujinomiya, the four paths leading to the summit of the Mount Fuji. Although it is really impossible to close an entire mountain, we have still tried, also trying to advise against anyone to circumvent this closure as these paths also have really dangerous passages, and if something should happen when everything should be closed and without the presence of experienced personnel, even the smallest and most insignificant of problems can be fatal.

At the time of this news, the part of the prefecture was reopened Yamanashi, but before you can leave with your excursion, some precautionary measures are necessary: ​​the administrative staff will have to record the names and health conditions of those who will venture, also measuring the temperature of each. The passage will be allowed only if everything is normal.

Obviously there is also some news regarding the summit of the mountain, where the refreshment points will not only be able to accommodate half of the people that normally could contain, but it is also required to book your seat in advance.

The hiking season, barring unforeseen circumstances, should end on September 10.

Source: NHK Street SoraNews24

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