Javelin thrower Vadlejch won the Odložil Memorial for the sixth time

Javelin thrower Vadlejch won the Odložil Memorial for the sixth time

The hitter Vadlejch pošesté won at the Odložil Memorial

Javelin thrower Jakub Vadlejch spoke at a press conference for the 30th anniversary of the Josef Odložil Athletic Memorial, June 1, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Javelin thrower Jakub Vadlejch won his sixth victory in a row at the Josef Odložila Memorial. In the rain at Juliska in Prague, he won the first series with a performance of 82.55 meters. Nikola Ogrodníková finished second in the javelin competition behind the 2016 Olympic champion Sara Kolaková of Croatia. The Czech record holder in the shot put, Tomáš Staněk, had to be satisfied with the second place, too, who was beaten by the Briton Scott Lincoln by five centimetres.

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Vadlejch won supremely by more than four meters. After a successful opening attempt, he scored only one valid throw in the third series (81.90). The silver Olympic medalist from Tokyo missed the final two attempts.

“It was more of a fight for survival than for some meters. At the same time, I felt great, which doesn't show in the result. The circumstances were completely unfavorable,” Vadlejch told Czech Television after a rain-soaked race.

Ogrodníková threw 58.83 meters and did not follow up on the wins from 2020 and 2022. In the Dana Zátopková Memorial, Koláková beat her by exactly half a meter. The Czech javelin thrower led with a performance of 58.72 in the first set, but the Croatian overthrew her in the third attempt. The Czech vice-champion of Europe from 2018 has already improved by only eleven centimeters. Unlike the opening start of the season in Rehlingen, she did not break the 60-meter mark and lamented that she is still struggling with technique.

“We had a headwind in Rehlingen, which is pretty crazy for me because I throw high. Today I had a problem again with the start, which I ran so strangely. I didn't make the jump. I feel good, the energy is there, but I still don't hit it well, which steals my meters. We have to do something about it,” said Jan Železný's ward.

Staněk scored the only valid attempt right at the start, which measured 20.60 meters. Then he struggled in the wet. In the penultimate attempt, he was overtaken by Lincoln, who in the end improved by one centimeter to 20.65.

“It's a shame. I felt good. The first attempt completely slipped through my fingers and it was 20.60. But then when you put the ball to your neck and feel the water flowing over it, there's nothing you can do,” Staněk regretted the bad weather . The rain grew stronger over time.

In the 400 meter hurdles, Vít Müller improved his personal record in today's slot as well. He finished second in 49.14, taking twelve hundredths of a second off his two-year-old best. The women's race in the same discipline was won by local Nikoleta Jíchová (55.77).

Long-distance runner Radek Juška, who is traditionally successful at Juliska, did not reach his fifth victory in a row. This time he raced the day after the meeting in Hengel and registered only 767 centimeters. In addition to the winning American William Williams (785), he was also defeated by his 17-year-old compatriot Petr Meindlschmid (772).

Results of the Josef Odložil Memorial Athletics Meeting


100 m (wind +0.3 m/s): 1. Matadi (Lib.) 10.16, 2. Eseme (Cam.) and Mena (Cuba) both 10.19.

400 m: 1 Brier (Brit.) 46.39, 2. Krsek 46.58, 3. Desenský 46.83, 4. Tesař (all Czech Republic) 47.03.

1500 m: 1. Teki Abdurahman (Et.) 3:38.41, 2. Rizkí (Mar.) 3:38.68, 3. West (Brit.) 3:39.02, …5. Davidík 3:39.84, 7. Friš 3:40.60, 10. Sasínek (all Czech Republic) 3:43.03.

110 m front (-1.4 m/s): 1. Dickson (USA) 13.59, 2. Sevler (Tur.) 13.78, 3. Mordi (Germany) 13.81, …6. Schubert (Czech Republic) 14.00.

400m b: 1. Preis (Germany) 49.06, 2. Müller (Czech Republic) 49.14, 3. Derbyshire (Brit.) 49, 84.

3000m BC: 1. Bin Yazid (Mar.) 8:29.80, 2. Daru (Fr.) 8:35.35, 3. Curti (Switzerland) 8: 36,58, …5. Foller (Czech Republic) 8:40.16.

Bar: 1. Fritsch 555, 2. Winder (both USA) 545, 3. Bárta (Czech Republic) 535.

Distance: 1. Williams (USA) 785, 2. Meindlschmid 772, 3. Juška (both Czech Republic) 767.

Ball: 1. Lincoln (Brit.) 20.65, 2. Staněk (CZ) 20.60, 3. Kokoško (Ukraine) 20.39.

Javelin: 1. Vadlejch (Czech Republic) 82.55, 2. Wegner (Poland) 78.25, 3. Čakšs (Lot .) 75.27, …6. Jílek (Czech Republic) 73.54.


200 m (-0.4 m/s): 1. Baylarková (USA) 23.37, 2. Fontanaová ( It.) 23.57, 3. Bryantová (USA) 23.64, …5. Bendová 24.06, 6. Kožuškaničová (both Czech Republic) 24.35.

800 m: 1. Krolová (Ukr.) 2:01.84, 2. Määttänenová (Fin.) 2:01, 97, 3. Kolbergová (Germany) 2:02.10, …6. Ficenec (Czech Republic) 2:04.37.

100 m breaststroke (+0.1 m/s): 1. Barberová (USA) 13.10, 2. Kerekesová (Germany) 13, 17, 3. Šínová (Czech Republic) 13.21.

400 m breaststroke: 1. Jíchová (Czech Republic) 55.77, 2. Knightová (Brit.) 55.78, 3. Ennadiová (Mar .) 56.49.

Height: 1. Hrubá (Czech Republic) 184, 2. Chumačenková (Ukraine) 180, 3. Gusinová (Greece) 180.

Bar: 1. Lampelaová (Fin.) 430, 2. Pöschlová (CZ) 415, 3. Kleknerová (Germany) 415.

Javelin: 1. Kolová (Croatia) 59.33, 2. Ogrodníková 58 .83, 3. Gillarová (both Czech Republic) 58.63.