Jean-Paul Belmondo died: the farewell of the famous

Jean-Paul Belmondo died: the farewell of the famous

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Jean-Paul Belmondo died: the farewell of the famous

If the President of a nation decides to use his networks to fire an artist who has just died, talk about the stature of that artist. But if in addition, he is alluded to as Emmanuel Macron did with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Not much more to add.

“He will forever remain ‘The Magnificent.’ Jean-Paul Belmondo was a national treasure, full of grace and bursts of laughter, with loud words and swift body, sublime hero and familiar figure, tireless daredevil and wizard of words. We all find ourselves in it, ”Macron wrote on his Twitter.

Like the current president, the French consider that they lost a national treasure. For this reason, other former presidents like François Hollande also decided to honor him on social media.

French President Emmanuel Macron said: “Jean-Paul Belmondo was a national treasure, full of grace and outbursts of laughter.” AFP photo

“Jean-Paul Belmondo will have been able to forge an exceptional relationship with the Frenchman, to the point that everyone wanted to have him as a friend. He played with the greatest, because he was one of the greatest. It will remain in the history of cinema and in our memory, ”Macron’s predecessor tweeted.

It was clear that the death of a Nouvell Vague icon like “Bebel” was going to generate repercussions around the world. That is why one of the first to make public statements to the media was his accomplice Alain Delon, another of the sacred monsters of French cinema.

I am completely devastated. I’m going to try to hold out so as not to do the same in five hours … “Delon told CNews when he learned of the death of his colleague.

Jean-Paul Belmondo died: the farewell of the famous

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon, in one of their films, “The Professionals”. Photo Clarín Archive

“It wouldn’t be bad if we both left together. It’s a part of my life, we started together 60 years ago, “added the 85-year-old actor with his voice cracking with emotion.

Often mistakenly viewed as rivals, the two French stars of the second half of the 20th century had parallel careers, almost always at the top of the box office, and their friendship, tinged with a certain rivalry, fueled the legend.

More farewells to “Bebel”

Jean-Paul Belmondo died: the farewell of the famous

Italian Claudia Cardinale, who worked with Belmondo on “Cartouche”. AP Photo

Italian actress Claudia cardinale, 83, confessed that she was “shocked” by Belmondo’s death, according to a statement sent to AFP by her agent.

“It was and will continue to be for me, as for so many others, the very image of vitality. It will never stop moving in my heart and in my memory. It is a smile and a joy to live. Audacity and simplicity,” said Cardinale , who shared movies with him like Cartouche (1962) or The Clan of the Marseillais (1972).

Unlike the Europeans, there were not many parting messages from Hollywood stars. One of the few who remembered “Bebel” was Antonio Banderas, a Spaniard who is also making a career in the United States.

“This is a sad day for culture. He has left us a great actor and icon of French and European cinema. Rest in peace, Jean-Paul #Belmondo #RIP #Bebel ”, tweeted the protagonist of The mask of Zorro and Official competition, which has just had its international first at the Venice Film Festival.

In Argentina there were not too many repercussions, except for personalities from the film niche such as Axel Kuschevatzky. Goodbye Jean-Paul Belmondo. Thank you for so many hours of happiness “, tweeted the producer, screenwriter and journalist next to a poster of the film Breathless (1960).

“My first Belmondo in the cinema was The ace of aces (L’as des as, 1982), on TV The magnificent (Le Magnifique, 1973) and on VHS Borsalino (1970). That man was great ”, tweeted a few hours later the producer of The Secret in Their Eyes, Among other films.