Jeff Bezos sold the shares of Amazon almost 2 billion

Джефф Безос продал акций Amazon почти на 2 миллиарда

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) has sold part of its stake in the company for approximately $ 2 billion.

Bezos put up for exchange-traded 905 456 Amazon shares on Friday and Monday at a pre-agreed plan. This led to the fact that the total volume of sales of his stock amounted to about $ 12 billion, two thirds of which he sold over the past four years, according to Bloomberg.

Trading reflect a growing capital appreciation Amazon, which on Tuesday for the first time exceeded $ 1 trillion. This means that the remaining 11% of shares Bezos worth 116 billion dollars.

Part of the profits he plans to spend on space project Blue Origin because the company requires financing at 1 billion a year. “The price of access to space is very high,” says Bezos.

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