Jeff Bridges reveals his cancer is in remission

Jeff Bridges reveals his cancer is in remission

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Jeff Bridges reveals his cancer is in remission

The actor Jeff Bridges communicated this Monday that your cancer is in remission. He also shared with his followers that while he was on chemotherapy contracted COVID-19.

My cancer is in remission, the 9×12 mass has been reduced to the size of a marble, ”the actor posted on his website and Instagram profile.

On October 19 of last year, the Oscar winner informed his followers about his diagnosis of cancer in the lymphatic system.

I have been diagnosed with lymphoma. Although it is a serious illness, I feel lucky to have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I am beginning the treatment and I will keep you informed about my recovery ”, said the actor via Twitter.

Jeff Bridges during a chemotherapy treatment. Photo: Instagram / Jeff Bridges

The actor publishes handwritten texts on his website about his health situation. It also places illustrations between paragraphs, as well as videos and sounds. In the last entry he detailed how you felt being also infected with coronavirus.

Jeff Bridges shares with his fans that his cancer is in remission. Photo: Instagram / Jeff Bridges

“COVID-19 kicked my butt pretty hard, but i’m doubly vaccinated and i feel so much better now”, Narrated the actor. He specified that his wife also contracted the virus. She was hospitalized for five days and he was hospitalized for five weeks.

“The reason I was there so long is because my immune system is triggered by chemotherapy,” deepened the Hollywood star. “My dance with covid made my cancer seem like a piece of cake”.

At the end of his statement, he expressed his excitement at being able to return to the acting arena. He shared a preview of the series The old man, which stars. This will premiere on Hulu next year.