Jeffrey Epstein used a fake passport to travel to Saudi Arabia and other countries

Джеффри Эпштейн использовал поддельный загранпаспорт для поездок в Саудовскую Аравию и другие страны

Prosecutors have found scandalous billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein), who is accused of pedophilia and organization of sexual trafficking, fake ID. The document has the mark on travel to France, Spain, the UK and Saudi Arabia back in the 1980-ies.

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein underestimated a fake passport charge, thinking that he never used it, but on Wednesday prosecutors proved otherwise. In a letter to the Federal judge who will decide whether the financier to remain in jail pending trial, U.S. prosecutors presented a false document Epstein “with a variety of input stamps on entry and exit in several countries of the world.”

The passport was issued to the Austrian, but it was specified the address of Saudi Arabia. The document was found in a locked safe in the mansion Epstein in Manhattan. Prosecutors used the find that the judge has not released the billionaire’s bail because he might abscond.

Advocates say that the passport has an innocent explanation: he acquired it as a “personal protection” to hide their Jewish identity from hijackers, kidnappers or terrorists while traveling in the Middle East.

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