Jim Carrey called “creepy” and “disgusting” for flirting with a journalist

The actor was just joking around in the interview, and now he’s blamed the last words.

Джима Керри назвали «жутким» и «отвратительным» за флирт с журналисткой

In a recent interview about the premiere of “sonic movie”, Jim Carrey asked about the list of things he wanted to do in life. Journalist Charlotte long said a 58-year-old actor, if he still has goals that he achieved.

It’s just you,

— said Kerry. The journalist obviously did not expect such a response: “Wow! I don’t know what to say…”

Just know about it

— said Jim.

If it was a joke or Charlotte really liked Kerry, is unknown, but the words of the comedian immediately caused a reaction from the public. Jim dubbed “disgusting type,” which allows you to go to the women of cheap jokes. “I love Jim Carrey, but today I lost respect for him. This is really unacceptable, I hope that he will apologize to Charlotte”, “unfortunately, it turns out that Jim Carrey was just a rat” — expressed in a network of users.

“The comedian joked, but nowadays this is totally unacceptable”

Jim Carrey has received a similar reaction after his words about Margot Robbie. He joked that Margot “made his career thanks to a good appearance.” Jim said it in a recent episode of Graham Norton. He turned to Robbie:

It’s incredible that you’re so far gone with their appearance, “full of faults”! It’s just incredible, it’s really cool. We have pure talent!

Margo joke Kerry laugh, but the audience was not amused. Kerry called “a terrible arrogant rude”. Some users admitted that after such words, they wanted to give Jim a slap in the face.

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