Jossmery Toledo marks distance from ‘Chicas Tulum’: “We are not friends”

Jossmery Toledo marks distance from ‘Chicas Tulum’: “We are not friends”

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Jossmery Toledo marks distance from ‘Chicas Tulum’: “We are not friends”

On Wednesday, August 11, Magaly TV, the firm collected the statements of the influencer and model Jossmery Toledo about her link with the calls’Tulum Girls’, Macarena Gastaldo, Paula Manzanal Y Jamila Dahabreh.

Unexpectedly, the former PNP noncommissioned officer pointed to the Argentine model Macarena Gastaldo as the person who would have leaked information about her departure, along with Paula Manzanal, with footballers Jefferson Farfán and André Carrillo.

“They don’t really want Macarena because I think most suspect that she suddenly spread the word for the filming they did to us that day,” he said.

Jossmery Toledo also made it clear that he does not consider the so-called ‘Tulum Girls’ as close friends, and stressed that they were only his party companions.

“In this show business there are no friends, I have it very clear. For example, I consider Macarena a friend, yes too, a normal partying, right? But it’s not that I tell her my things either, “he said.

Given these statements, Magaly TV, the firm sought the reaction of Macarena Gastaldo, who reminded Jossmery Toledo that thanks to her he entered his group of ‘ambassadors’.

“Jossmery entered the group because of me, because she is my friend, because I told her to join the group,” he said.

The Argentine also wanted to make it clear that she does not get along with anyone. “I have no problems with anyone, they are my friends. I do not live from Paula, Jamila, Jossmery, from my friends ”, she affirmed.

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