Justice has been dealing with extensive website downtime due to a cyber attack

Justice faced widespread website outage due to cyber flood

Courtroom – illustrative photo.

Prague – Justice websites were affected by an extensive outage that lasted from Wednesday night until this afternoon. The Ministry of Justice said at midday that the likely cause was an infrastructure failure. In the early evening, it reported that a sophisticated cyber attack was behind the outage, which is still ongoing.

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Not only the website of the ministry, but also, for example, the databases of court hearings Infosoud and Infojustice, the insolvency register, individual court websites and the verejnazaloba.cz portal, which includes the websites of public prosecutors' offices, did not work for the entire working day.

“We are aware of the problem. We have been dealing with a technical outage since 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday,” the ministry said at noon via social media, saying that it is working intensively with the supplier to eliminate the problem and that it will inform about further developments. After 5:00 p.m., it subsequently reported that Justice's systems had been restored. “The cause of the outage was a sophisticated cyber attack on Justice, which continues and changes over time. The operation of the system is stabilized and continues to be monitored in cooperation with all suppliers,” added the office.

Justice websites are repeatedly faced with outages , but usually the problem only lasts for a few hours. A major outage occurred, for example, in the summer of 2016, when the ministry cited a fault in the electrical installation in the Prague justice complex at Na Míčánkách as the reason. another six people to be prosecuted for tax evasion with damage of 100 million crowns.