Justin Bieber released a new album Changes: the debut over the last five years

Джастин Бибер выпустил новый альбом Changes: дебют за последние пять лет

After a long musical pause, and creative exploration of canadian singer decided to re-conquer the hearts of the General public with new hits. Today, 14 February, Justin Bieber released his fifth Studio album Changes, which was a turning point in his theatrical activities.

In early January, first saw the light song by Yummy which launched the release of his fifth Studio album. With the Changes album Bieber plans to conquer the largest concert halls of Canada and the United States during his massive tour.

Not accidentally, the singer for the premiere chose Valentine’s Day because most of the songs this album is dedicated to the passion of feeling for his wife Hayley. Changes combines 17 rhythmic tracks. To create a new music Justin Bieber turned to collaborations with American rappers Quavo and Post Malone and performer Travis Scott.

With the loud return of her husband congratulated 23-year-old wife Hayley. On her instagram she posted a message with the album cover Changes and wrote: “can’t be more happy that people can finally hear this album. Can no longer be proud of you, can’t be more in love with you. Congratulations on an amazing album, man.”

Recall that a large-scale tour, the singer is ready to begin may 14 with a concert venue in Seattle. His tight schedule until 26 September 2020. Then Justin Bieber plans to complete the tour in East Rutherford. For five months, the star will collect the arenas and stadiums in dozens of cities in the United States and Canada.

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