Justin Bieber told about the passionate relationship with his wife: We do it all the time

Джастин Бибер рассказал о страстных отношениях с женой: Мы делаем это постоянно

25-year-old singer does not belong to those stars who keep personal behind seven seals. His profile on instagram quite often filled up by racy photos, wife model. However, this time Justin Bieber decided to openly talk about sexual life.

Marriage of the star couple began only four months ago, however, their feelings erupted with renewed force. 25-year-old singer and 23-year-old model do not hide the passion that rages between them, even in public. Now he is Justin Bieber dared to tell about intimate relations with his wife.

Recently during the conference of London, by a rather unconventional answered the questions of a fan that asked the idol, how he spends his usual day. The singer decided to emphasize that most of the free creativity from the time he spends with his wife.

It depends on who I am. For example, with my wife we like… Friends, well you can guess what we do when left alone. This is insane! This is practically all that we do
– assured the singer.

However, Justin Bibier hastened to declare that sex is not the only joint activity of the pair. Together with his wife Hayley he loves to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. However, the pair do share a lot of Hobbies together. They are frequent guests at social events, and together with her husband, the model attends hockey games, which is so keen on the contractor.

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