Juve, for the post Ronaldo there will be a “9”.  Kean and Scamacca on pole.  And Icardi …

Juve, for the post Ronaldo there will be a “9”. Kean and Scamacca on pole. And Icardi …

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Juve, for the post Ronaldo there will be a “9”.  Kean and Scamacca on pole.  And Icardi …

With the Portuguese joining Manchester United at the end of a hectic day, the future of the bianconeri is to be rejuvenated. Mauro likes it but it costs more than the other tips

On the 7th, the “siuuu”, the goals from the blue with the match blocked, the grimaces towards the teammates, the deadlifts 20 centimeters above the defenders, the walks in the defensive phase: all iconic but all already in the attic, archived in this present that runs and short-circuits with the past. Cristiano Ronaldo returns to 2009 and signs with United: he was a Ballon d’Or boy, he becomes a man again. Juve does not stop for a moment to take stock of these three years – inevitably negative for team results – and look ahead. He has a clear idea in his head: starting from a number 9, possibly a young number 9. Cristiano Ronaldo is too strong, too particular to be replaced and so let’s go, change, anticipate the renewal and start again from a striker. The favorites are two Italians: Moise Kean and Gianluca Scamacca. Allegri’s favorite but the most difficult to catch is Argentine: Mauro Icardi.

the CR7 deal

On August 26, however, he screams: it was one of the craziest days of the world transfer market, it must be told. Cristiano Ronaldo in the morning said goodbye to his teammates and left Turin: enough Juve. He forced it in the most radical way. Questions: Did the fact that Allegri sent him to the bench in Udine affect the breakup? Was it a Juve strategy? This, at least officially, we will not know soon. Certainly CR7 has left the Continassa without certainty about tomorrow. Jorge Mendes, his agent, realized that City would not come with the right offer and raised. When Solskjaer, United manager, said in the conference “if you want, we are there”, it was understood. And then: Ronaldo will play again at United, who will pay Juve a sum, including bonuses, of 23-25 ​​million. Basically the figure for which the 7 was in the budget. Ronaldo seems to have snatched a 20 million plus bonus contract, with thanks to maestro Ferguson and Bruno Fernandes for their support in the negotiation. The last act of Juventus was a farewell message with a “grazzie”, double Z, which became a trend on Twitter.

the three names

And now on who will the choice for the post-Ronaldo fall? The hunt is on and there are just over three days to go. Federico Cherubini’s work, already overwhelmed with proposals, is not easy. Candidates like Aubameyang to Lacazette, but also Werner and Jovic, must be cleared quickly, up to Hazard’s report: they are not on the list. On the other hand, a (useless) transition was made with Atalanta for Muriel, which cannot be transferred. A separate discussion deserves Mauro Icardi of PSG, who likes it. To cool the Juventus managers are not only the costs (a salary of 8 million plus bonuses), but also the difficulty of the player to leave PSG: a month ago he appeared cold to the Juventus offers, at the time for a possible exchange with CR7. Which is why this hypothesis remains pending. While the great maneuvers for a perspective goal have started, for which a duel is looming between Gianluca Scamacca and Moise Kean. Italian players, young, with an important agent (Lucci and Raiola) and a desire for Juve.


In the year of the restart, the club’s line is clear: to value young people, especially if they are of quality. It is no coincidence, then, that the first polls started towards Sassuolo. The child prodigy Giacomo Raspadori likes it, but the CEO Carnevali considers it non-transferable. More nuanced the tones of the club for Scamacca, also in the national team. But in Sassuolo there is a traffic jam: both Berardi and Boga are leaving and the club wants to block the Roman 9 should one of the two leave. That’s why Sassuolo is waiting for tomorrow’s game to unravel the problem. One way or the other. And then, there is the issue of price: Carnevali shares the Roman at 35 million, while at Continassa they work for a loan with the right of redemption. Even with Locatelli it started in the same way and it was a marathon. So Juve is moving towards alternatives, even if Scamacca has the most suitable technical characteristics, as a central striker.


Also for Moise Kean there are many arguments in favor. Allegri himself had valued it before the sale to Everton for 27.5 million. But the English club values ​​it almost 40 million: it opens to the loan, but with the obligation of redemption. And with these assumptions, Continassa delayed. The idea of ​​Agnelli’s club is to calibrate expenses in this season of financial recovery. So Kean or Scamacca is the main crossroads. At reasonable cost.

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