Juve-Locatelli: there is an agreement on the price, the formula remains to be defined

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Juve-Locatelli: there is an agreement on the price, the formula remains to be defined

An agreement was found during the meeting between the Juventus managers and the CEO of Sassuolo Carnevale: price made, 35 million, now we need to find the right formula

There is an agreement on the price: 35 million. But Sassuolo asks Juve for the obligation of redemption, while the Bianconeri condition him to qualify for the next Champions League. In short, Manuel Locatelli is very close to Allegri’s team and the parties have left with the agreement to make a decision immediately after August 15th. The meeting between the leaders of Juve and the CEO of Sassuolo Giovanni Carnevali began around 1 pm. In reality, the managers of the two clubs first had lunch together and then entered into the heart of the discussion.

The upward Juventus offer was analyzed in detail. And this is confirmation that the dialogue is progressing positively. First of all, Juve changed the terms of the loan in just one year, no longer in two seasons. And now the other terms of an agreement that should have a value of around 35 million euros are being deepened. But there is still no handshake, the two companies will meet again next week.


The original offer from Turin was: two-year loan for 5 million, redemption obligation that was triggered at the Champions qualification in the second season for 20, 7 million simple but not immediate bonuses, 25 percent resale percentage. The player was valued overall 32 million, but with many conditions. The CEO del Sassuolo refusing the proposal had made explicit his requests: 5 million for annual loan, obligation to redeem unconditionally at 35, 10 million bonus and minor percentage on resale, of 15%. Forty million fixed part, as per initial request, before the European Championship.

As always, we will be halfway there, or almost: the loan will become annual, Sassuolo should drop a little in economic demands, the percentage on resale seems to be a minor problem at the moment. In the end, the distance could also be bridged by a technical counterpart: in the early stages of the negotiation Dragusin and Fagioli were proposed and “rejected”, then Ranocchia was considered. Some of the young people (not Felix Correia, who is marrying in Parma) could end up in the deal, or be the subject of a parallel negotiation, separate from the main one.


But the latter is a “lateral” question, with respect to Locatelli’s future: if today an agreement is reached between the clubs, then things should go very quickly for the blue midfielder. The agreement for contract and engagement has been found for some time and Allegri is in a hurry to have him available, to be able to work on it also in view of the start of the championship, when there will be few men in the Juventus midfield. Juve will then move on to the Dybala dossier (new meeting with the agent scheduled for tomorrow), hoping to resolve this issue too, which has lasted even longer. But we are running too fast. Meanwhile, today is Loca’s day.

August 13, 2021 (change August 14, 2021 | 07:14)