Kaia Gerber has shared a cute photo with the puppy: We’re staying home

Кайя Гербер поделилась милым фото с щенком: Мы остаемся дома

18-year-old model, daughter of the icon of the fashion industry, Cindy Crawford Kaia Gerber follows the established rules of quarantine and stay home. The star has posted a tender photo with a pet.

Kai Gerber 18 years old, already podarila not one of the world’s podium and built a brilliant career. Model is not afraid to resort to experiments and knows how to captivate the viewer. However, during a pandemic in the fashion industry, she, like most people, stays at home to protect yourself and family from disease.

Covid-19 has already managed to destroy the plans of millions of people around the world. Various activities suffer large losses in the hospitals lack the necessary equipment and seats for patients. Doctors are encouraged to stay home for their sake, because otherwise soon they will not be able to save everyone. Stars also encourage supporters to observe the quarantine and without much need not to go outside. One of them joined Kaia Gerber, who by example showed how in isolation.

She, along with her little dog, takes a break from the constant bustle and busy schedule. The model shared a photograph of sleeping with a pet. She is dressed in a gray sports jacket, and her face barely visible makeup, or none at all.

“We stay home”, is briefly signed photo of Gerber.

Note, as of 25 March, the world confirmed 463 418 cases coronaviruses disease Covid-19. Of them 20 912 people died, 113 802 fully recovered. To reduce the risk of infection people are urged to stay home.

Кайя Гербер поделилась милым фото с щенком: Мы остаемся дома

Rules that can save lives / Infographic 24 channel

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