Kamenskih and Potap laugh network fun home video

Fun the couple have changed roles in funny clip from Mexico

Каменских и Потап рассмешили сеть забавным домашним видео

On the eve of the release of the music video of Potap wards, groups, MOZGI, for the song “Girl” producer actively announces the future of video, and makes it very fun and original way. Rapper removes the makeshift “home version” of the clip, in which shines his wife Nastya Kamensky. So, earlier, he shared a nice video in which he and his wife as if singing the lyrics of the track.

However, the captain didn’t stop and fans a “holiday” version of the clip that they Nastya took during a vacation in Mexico. Funny videos he published in Tik Tok and Instagram, triggering a violent reaction of followers.

In the video Nastya and Potap changed roles — the singer appeared in men’s t-shirt and cap and no makeup. The words “That’s my girl” in the frame appears Potap with a towel on his head. Next comes the text “the Mother of my child” — and then the rapper defiles in front of the camera, wrapped in a towel and putting forward an impressive “pregnant” belly.

Video: Potap and Nastya Kamensky (instagram.com/realpotap)

Netizens were delighted with the creative video of a gay couple and left many warm reviews. Some thought, really do not hint this to the fact that Nastya is pregnant.

  • Potap-beauty
  • Super
  • Ahahahhh how to stop watch!!!
  • Nastya is pregnant, suddenly it’s a hint?
  • cool
  • Potap, you’re cool!!! Nasty cutie
  • Cool such
  • Pregnant Nastia
  • Hahaha COOL
  • Ahahaha Potapov is hit
  • Funny….I Love You
  • Obonyo you
  • Mmmm,maybe it’s a hint?))))and we are soon to congratulate you…..
  • Voshititelnye!!!
  • You guys are so cool!
  • So hto zaletel and throws us hints
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