Karen Dejo responds to Samuel Suárez after making fun of his EEG exit: “It hurt me” |  Shows

Karen Dejo responds to Samuel Suárez after making fun of his EEG exit: “It hurt me” | Shows

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Karen Dejo responds to Samuel Suárez after making fun of his EEG exit: “It hurt me” |  Shows

More than a month ago, Karen Dejo was suspended from This is War after hitting Rosángela Espinoza in the face. After his departure, the entertainment journalist Samuel Suárez expressed his opinion on the matter on his social networks; however, the dancer took his words as mockery.

Through his Instagram account, he published various stories where he addressed the journalist. He even tagged his page called Instarándula.

“Two little things my ‘Samu’, I do tell you my ‘Samu’ because I do consider you my friend; On the other hand, you have no friends and you are not interested in being friends with anyone. (Despite) the years we’ve shared together and making fun of my EEG output? Yes, I’m not in This is war momentarily ”, he expressed in his stories.

YOU CAN SEE: Karen Dejo defends Tula Rodríguez from criticism: “She is an exemplary lady and mother”

“I understand your work as a journalist and I have never interfered, I have never intervened and I have never stopped you from talking about me, but making fun, I do not agree. I felt you made fun of my departure and that hurt me”He added.

For his part, Samuel responded to Karen Dejo and clarified that they are not friends. “Karen, I appreciate you very much, I feel that I have not made fun of your departure. On the topic of friendship, we have two different concepts. You remember me when you run out of work, “he said.

Karen Dejo shows a face for Tula Rodríguez in the face of criticism

After being romantically linked with her ex-partner Gino Barbieri after being seen sharing in a Miami venue, Tula Rodríguez announced that she would take legal action against those who invented the rumor of an alleged relationship long before her husband Javier Carmona passed away.

Faced with the flooding criticism of Tula Rodríguez for what happened, the dancer Karen Dejo did not hesitate to speak out to defend her dear friend, emphasizing that she is a person who is worthy of respect and does not deserve to be singled out for something she has not done or not done. It has been checked.

“To start, Tula is a lady, a lady and an exemplary mother. It seems unfair to me that they accuse her of something that has not been proven”Karen told El Popular.

Karen Dejo after statements by the producer of Guerreros México: “Don’t be fooled”

The producer of the reality Guerreros México, Rosa María Noguerón referred to This is war and issued a series of accusations in which she left Peruvians in a bad way. Before this, Karen Dejó responded and denied what Noguerón said.

“We never found out that there was a table with typical Mexican food and sweets. What we have done is eat in the cafeteria and share with all the Televisa workers, “he said.


Karen Dejo confesses that she does not want to fall in love: “That they do their merit”

In an interview for América Espectáculos, Karen Dejo mentioned that she is focused on her daughter and her upbringing. In addition, Dejo revealed that if any person appears in his life, he will have to make a great effort.

“I am single, when a man arrives, he arrives and when he does not arrive, he does not arrive. Now I’m enjoying the love of my life who is my daughter… but I just don’t feel like it, the one who doesn’t want now is me, let them win me, let them do their merit ”.

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