Karina Borrero reappears radiant and happy after resigning from America news

Karina Borrero reappears radiant and happy after resigning from America news

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Karina Borrero reappears radiant and happy after resigning from America news

Last Friday, July 9, the former figure of America news Karina Borrero placeholder image He published a message on his Instagram account showing the tranquility he feels after his tumultuous departure from América Televisión.

“In perspective, the most difficult decisions are those that make your life easier,” said the journalist, who at the beginning of June signed her resignation letter with seven of her colleagues in América Noticias and Cuarto Poder, among whom was René Gastelumendi. This occurred as an act of solidarity for the dismissal of Carola miranda, director of America News Central Edition, and Carlos Fonseca, general producer of Canal N.

“Peace of mind is priceless,” the journalist reiterated, along with two of her photographs taken on the Costa Verde. In the same way, he dedicated a few words of thanks for the messages he received.

“I have read them all. You are the best in the world! Always wishing you love and health in abundance! ”, He indicated.

9.7.2021 | Post by Karina Borrero greeting the messages of support. Photo: capture Karina Borrero / Instagram

On the other hand, among the comments received by his publication on Instagram, the journalist stands out. Martin Arredondo, newspaper producer of Better late, who celebrated the return of the former driver to her social networks, which had been inactive since her resignation. His last publication was a farewell post where he is seen with his former co-workers.

“I am leaving América Televisión, my home for more than eight years, I am leaving with a broken heart, but with the faith that it is the right thing to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you, ”he said at the time.

8.6.2021 | Post by Karina Borrero saying goodbye to América TV. Photo: Karina Borrero / Instagram

Federico Salazar denies intervention on his part for the hiring of his son as driver of Cuarto Poder

After the wave of criticism against Sebastian Salazar, new host of Cuarto Poder and son of the figurehead of América Noticias, Federico Salazar, the well-known journalist commented in an interview that he did not influence in any way so that his first-born is hired in the Sunday.

“On television, you cannot make a recommendation. That suggestion that someone enters the screen by ‘rod’ is impossible, because if you don’t do it well, they take you out. You cannot sustain a program on the basis of a rod. Nobody is going to believe me, but I had nothing to do with the call to Sebastián ”, assured the journalist.

Federico Salazar and Sebastián Salazar

Christian Sotomayor is the new member of Cuarto Poder

Shortly after announcing his departure from RPP, journalist Christian Sotomayor surprised his audience after revealing his entry into the ranks of América TV to work alongside the Cuarto Poder team.

Through some photographs, the journalist showed his first steps through the canal and its facilities. “A new challenge which I take on with great responsibility,” he wrote Sotomayor on his Twitter account.