Kitcisakik on the road to reconciliation with Canada

Kitcisakik on the road to reconciliation with Canada

Kitcisakik on the road to reconciliation with Canada

Régis Penosway, Chief of Kitcisakik, gives Minister Marc Miller a tour of the village.

Kitcisakik and Canada believe that they have taken an important step towards reconciliation with the signing of a framework agreement guiding the recognition and implementation of the rights of the Anicinape community.

Régis Penosway, Chief of the Council of Kitcisakik, and Marc Miller, Federal Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, proceeded to the official signing of the agreement, Friday noon in Kitcisakik.

Developed jointly by the Band Council and the federal government, this agreement is supported by their mutual commitment to the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which sets out a process for the parties to work together to explore various means to meet the specific interests and needs of Kitcisakik.

Kitcisakik Chief Régis Penosway and federal Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Marc Miller sign the agreement under the watchful eye of community elder Louisa Papatie.

< p class="e-p">The framework agreement notably provides for a process of discussion on many subjects, including land tenure, land governance, self-government, taxation, economic development as well as protection of territory, culture and rights related to traditional Anicinape activities.

In the face of the many challenges we face as a First Nation, and in order to ensure the future well-being of our children and families, we have a responsibility to maintain and strengthen our relationship with Canada. The framework agreement we are signing today is a tool to improve our government-to-government relations, Chief Penosway said in a press release.

This framework agreement paves the way for dialogue and collaboration on key issues that will shape the future of Kitcisakik, said Minister Miller. This signing is an important step towards reconciliation and the renewal of relations between Kitcisakik and Canada. Thank you to everyone who worked to bring this Framework Agreement to fruition and helped ensure a brighter future for your community for generations to come.

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