Kopecký surpassed 6,000 points in the heptathlon and has his second Czech title

Kopecký surpassed 6,000 points in the heptathlon and has his second Czech title

Kopeck surpassed 6000 points in the heptathlon and has the second Czech title< /p> Illustrative photo – Czech all-rounders (from left) Radoš Rykl and Ondřej Kopecký (pictured on February 9, 2020).

Prague – As the eighth Czech athlete in history, Ondřej Kopecký surpassed the 6,000-point mark in the indoor heptathlon. At the home championship in Prague's Stromovka, he won with a total of 6024 points, placing him in sixth place in the long-term table, which is led by his coach Roman Šebrle with a performance of 6438 points. Kopecký improved his previous personal record by 135 points and won his second title after the triumph in 2020.

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The 22-year-old athlete from Dukla Prague improved his personal best in six disciplines during the two-day competition. “I'm satisfied. I still feel tired, so it wasn't that. The second day was better than I expected. I thought I'd be a lot more tired. But it turned out that the training we had was good and it paid off ,” said Kopecký in a video on the athletics association's website.

The second Vilém Stráský also set a personal record, winning the first medal in the indoor heptathlon for a performance of 5,850 points. As well as bronze medalist Matyáš Franěk, who improved his maximum to 5246 points.

Barbora Zatloukalová won the women's pentathlon in the absence of the favored Dorota Skřivanová, and after two bronzes and one silver, she won the title.

< strong>Men – heptathlon: 1. Kopecký (Dukla Prague) 6024 (60 m: 7.06 – distance: 747 – shot put: 14.00 – height: 195 – 60 m front: 8.02 – pole: 500 – 1000 m: 2:40.98) , 2. Stráský (University of Brno) 5850 (6.99 – 727 – 13.12 – 195 – 8.01 – 470 – 2:41.65), 3. Franěk (Dukla Prague) 5246 (7.19 – 732 – 11.70 – 186 – 8.66 – 430 – 2:51.75).