Kovalev returned to his title of the WBO by unanimous decision against Alvarez

Kovalev regagne son titre de la WBO par décision unanime contre Alvarez

Photo: Cooper Neill The Associated Press
In his 15th championship fight in a row, Kovalev has been sharp at the jab, and it has been significantly more active than Alvarez.

Sergey Kovalev spoke with a lucky to explain his defeat last August in the face Eleider Alvarez. The rematch seems to have given him reason.

Kovalev (33-3-1, 28 K.-O.) has delivered a combat orderly, and has signed a victory by unanimous decision unequivocally in the face of Alvarez (24-1, 12 K.-O.).

The three judges awarded scores of 116-112 (twice) and a scathing 120-108. It is true that Alvarez has never found the solution to the mystery Kovalev in this fight.

“We haven’t won a lot of rounds, admitted the trainer Marc Ramsay after the duel. Maybe two or three. “

In his 15th championship fight in a row, Kovalev has been sharp at the jab, and it has been significantly more active than Alvarez, who suffered a first career loss and must put a cross on a lucrative contract with Top Rank and ESPN.

“It was a bad night at the office, has analyzed the promoter Yvon Michel. But it will bounce back. Look at Kovalev : he was made to pass the K. O. in his last fight and look at him now. Alvarez will be able to bounce back. It is well seen within the division. The phone will ring. “

“I do not see myself as a loser tonight, but I owe it all to even give him the merit which belongs to him, said Alvarez. It has improved since our last bout.

“I knew that if we were going to the end, it was going to be the favorite. I wanted to put on the pressure, but I have not been able to. “

Some good shots have hit the target on the part of the Montrealers have not been followed in combinations.

“We wanted to let him get tired and start to attack more towards the fourth or fifth round, said Ramsay. But Eleider charges at him in the second. He told us in the corner that he was more comfortable like that. We would have had to retain more on this point.

“On the other hand, he was absorbing so many blows on his guard that it was him who was emptied of its energy. Her blows not shook not Kovalev afterwards. “

Too low volume

Kovalev has never been in danger in this fight. Alvarez, by contrast, appeared shaken on a few occasions.

“My jab and my shots in the power of the right hand, have often touched “, has analyzed Kovalev.

The adjustments made by Buddy McGirt have borne fruit.

“I told him to go back to base, he recalled. And during the fight, we haven’t had to make too many adjustments, if only to bend the knees a little. Sergey was too right. You look good to the knees locked, but you will not accomplish anything good. “

“Now, I want a unification fight,” added the new champion. I am ready for anyone in the division. “

The side of Alvarez, it is mainly the volume of attacks that has been deficient. Ramsay asked him constantly to up the pace between rounds, but Alvarez has never responded to the requests of his coach.

“We’re going to have to look at themselves in the mirror, see what has not been done, both in combat and in the work that has been done before, said Ramsay. And not only Eleider : me too, as well as the rest of the team, we will have to see what we have not done the right way. “


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