Kramář's villa in Prague will open to visitors today

Kramář's villa in Prague will open to visitors today

Kram's villa in Prague will open to the public today

Kramář's villa in Prague serves as the residence of Czech prime ministers.

Prague – Kramář's villa in Prague's Letenské Sady will open to visitors today. They will see the interiors and the garden with a view of the Vltava valley. The building of the residence of the Czech prime ministers is currently used for representational purposes and meetings mainly with foreign statesmen. It was named after the chairman of the first Czechoslovak government, Karl Kramář, who had it built on the old bastion at the beginning of the last century.

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People can come for the first guided tour of the villa today at 09:00, the last group with a guide traditionally leaves around 16:00. This year, the building opened already on the weekend two weeks ago during the Open House Prague festival, the next tours will be on public holidays on July 5 and 6 and also on November 17. Last year, Kramář's villa was visited by almost 6,000 people over eight dates.

Kramář's villa was built according to the project of architect Friedrich Ohmann between 1911 and 1915 in a neo-baroque style supplemented with Art Nouveau elements. The building with an area of ​​700 square meters had 56 rooms after its completion. In addition to private bedrooms and offices, there were several dining rooms, salons, halls, inn rooms and a Russian-style billiard hall.

After the death of the Kramář family in 1938, the building became the property of the Dr. Karel Kramář, who rented it to the National Gallery. Then the property was taken over by the National Museum and in 1952 it came under the administration of the Office of the Prime Minister, which used it for representational purposes and accommodation for state visitors. The villa has served as the residence of Czech prime ministers since 1998.

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