Krčmář: The conditions were not completely regular, but I know worse races

Krčmář: The conditions were not completely regular, but I know worse races

Tavern: The conditions were not fully regulated, but they m i horší races

Biathlon World Championships, men's 10 km sprint, 11 February 2023, Oberhof, Germany. Fog on the shooting range.

Oberhof (Germany) – After the 14th place in the sprint at the World Championships in Oberhof, biathlete Michal Krčmár was sorry that due to the fog, not everyone had the same conditions. But he admitted that he had experienced worse days at the German center. The 32-year-old native of Vrchlabí paid for two mistakes while shooting lying down and told journalists that he apparently reacted badly to the wind. However, he set the fourteenth fastest time and plans to attack even higher in Sunday's pursuit race.

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“Of course I'm sorry. It's a shame because the race was quite open. The visibility was worse on the layup than on the stand, but at the finish line I got information that I probably failed to evaluate the wind. I still have to go through it with Matt, ” Krčmář mentioned shooting coach Emmons.

Krčmář started on the track with starting number 17 and he also struggled with the fog that fell in Oberhof. Because of her, the conditions were not the same for everyone. “It was not completely regular. Even Johannes (Thingnes Bö) had to lie down and wait for the first shots. If we are talking about 100% regularity, then some had better conditions and some worse. On the other hand, we do outdoor sports and I have experienced worse races. It just went away,” Krčmář added.

Due to the fog, the fans from the stands could not see the shooting range or the big screen until a few minutes before the start. However, the referees decided to start the race after a consultation. “It was at the given moment. If it had been moved by maybe half an hour, it would have been a much better race. But after the battle, everyone is a general, so I don't want to play tricks here,” said Krčmář.

The Olympic silver medalist from Pyeongchang also admitted that he remembers worse businesses from Oberhof. “There was sometimes a strong wind along with the fog. So I have to say that it was still one of the more pleasant races here. Although I said that it was not completely regular, you are talking about 100% regularity. It was still one of the fairer races, ” he added.

On the track, Krčmář presented himself in the fourteenth run and followed his compatriots Adam Václavík (9th) and Jakub Štvrtecký (7th). “It shows what I said at the beginning of the season, that Kuba, Adam and I are physically very similar. Sometimes it suits him better, other times it suits someone else. We are around each other in fifteen seconds, which tells us how ready we are for winter. It was a normal running race from me. I can go better and worse,” Krčmář pointed out

He took the final 14th place. “It's still good. Rather than this result, I'd rather look at the loss until tomorrow's race. It's the World Championship, and here you're interested in top results. If a person is eleventh, eighteenth, twenty-second, it doesn't matter to me anymore,” he said Innkeeper. Thirty-five seconds will separate him from the tenth Frenchman Antonin Guigonnat in Sunday's chase. “That's open. It's certainly possible in a fighter,” added Krčmář.