Kriechmayr and Štuhecová won the final downhills in the SP season in Soldeu

Kriechmayr and Štuhecová won the final downhills in the SP season in Soldeu

Final downhills in the SP season in Soldeu were won by Kriechmayr and Štuhecov

Alpine Ski World Cup Finals 2023 – Andorra. Pictured from left are Romed Baumann, Vincent Kriechmayr and Andreas Sander in Soldeu on March 15, 2023.

Soldeu (Andorra) – Austrian skier Vincent Kriechmayr won the last downhill of the season in the World Cup Final in Soldeu . The final women's race in the fastest discipline belonged to Ilka Štuhecová from Slovenia, who defeated the already certain owner of the small globe, the Italian Sofia Goggia.

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Thirty-one-year-old Kriechmayr drove to victory with a lead of nine hundredths ahead of Romed Baumann, who reached the podium for the first time this season. Third was another German, Andreas Sander, who was thirteen hundredths behind.

Kriechmayr celebrates the fourth downhill triumph of the year. The 2021 world champion was the only one able to break the dominance of Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, who won the remaining six races and already secured the defense of the small globe two weeks ago for his triumph in the discipline.

In Andorra, the Norwegian skier finished tied for sixth with a loss of three tenths to Kriechmayr. Already certain overall World Cup winner Marco Odermatt of Switzerland, who dominated the downhill at the World Championships, took fifteenth place this time with a loss of one second.

The downhill race was also the career farewell for 2015 world runner-up Travis Ganong and silver medalist from the world championship and the Olympics Johan Clarey. In Soldeu, they took the twentieth and twelfth place respectively.

Štuhecová won with half a second lead and after her triumph in Cortina in January, she claimed her second downhill success of the season. Third place went to Lara Gutová-Behramiová from Switzerland, who was 81 hundredths behind the thirty-two-year-old Slovak.

Goggia ended a successful season in the fastest discipline with second place. She scored five wins and three second places in nine races. In addition, she dominated the downhill ranking for the third time in a row and overall won the small globe for the fourth time.

SP finals in downhill skiing in Soldeu (Andorra) – downhill:

Men:1. Kriechmayr (Aust.) 1:26.59, 2. Baumann -0.09, 3. Sander (both Germans) -0.13, 4. Hemetsberger (Aust.) -0.23, 5. Paris ( It.) -0.27, 6. Kilde (Nor.) and Casse (It.) both -0.30.

Final standings (after 10 races): 1. Kilde 760, 2. Kriechmayr 614, 3. Odermatt (Switzerland) 462, 4. Clarey (Fr.) 343, 5. Crawford (Can.) 326, 6. Casse 288.

Current SP standings (after 35 of 38 of races): 1. Odermatt 1842, 2. Kilde 1280, 3. Kristoffersen (Nor.) 1014, 4. Kriechmayr 953, 5. Meillard (Switzerland) 831, 6. Braathen (Nor.) 824, …137. Zabystřan (Czech Republic) 12.

Women: 1. Štuhecová (Slovenia) 1:30.35 2. Goggiaová (It.) -0.51, 3. Gutová- Behrami (Switzerland) -0.81, 4. Brignone (It.) -0.96, 5. Puchner (Austria) -1.01, 6. Johnson (USA) -1.02.

< p>Final ranking of the downhill (after 9 races): 1. Goggiaová 740, 2. Štuhecová 551, 3. Suterová (Switzerland) 309, 4. Curtoniová (It.) 308, 5. Puchnerová 273, 6. Gutová-Behramiová 272 .

Current standings of the WC (after 35 of 38 races): 1. Shiffrin (USA) 2028, 2. Gutová-Behramiová 1067, 3. Vlhová (SR) 1025, 4. Brignone 989, 5. Goggia 880, 6. Mowinckelová (Nor.) 814, …53. Dubovská (ČR) 132.

11:30 women's convention.