Kubalík leads the productivity of the WC by two points and rules the scorers as well

Kubalík leads the productivity of the WC by two points and rules the scorers as well

Kubalík leads the productivity of the WC by two points and also affects the shooters< /p> World Hockey Championship Group B match: Czech Republic – Norway, May 20, 2023, Riga. Dominik Kubalík from the Czech Republic celebrates his goal.

Tampere/Riga – Czech hockey forward Dominik Kubalík leads the productivity after the basic groups of the world championships in Tampere and Riga by two points ahead of the second American T.J. Tynan and the third Swede, Henrik Tömmernes. Kubalík scored 12 points in eight games and, with eight goals, leads the scorers' table by two goals ahead of the American Cutter Gauthier. Czech captain Roman Červenka shares seventh place with Canadian MacKenzie Weegar, who collected nine points for three goals and six assists. Last year in Tampere and Helsinki, the 37-year-old attacker won the championship productivity as the fourth Czech hockey player in history, scoring 17 points for five goals and 12 assists in ten games.

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He ranked alongside Vladimír Martinec, Vladimír Vůjtek and Martin Procházka. Martinec won the productivity in the days of Czechoslovakia in 1976 in Katovice, where he contributed to the gold 20 points on nine goals and 11 assists in ten games. Together, Vůjtek and Procházka reigned supreme in Canadian scoring in 1997 at the championship also played in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, where they each collected 14 points for seven goals and the same number of assists. Vůjtek managed it in eight matches, Procházka in nine.

Now they could be imitated by Kubalík, who has already become the best scorer at one World Cup with eight hits during the time of the independent Czech national team. He surpassed the authors of seven goals: Procházka, Vůjtek (both 1997), Michael Frolík (2019) and David Pastrňák (2022).

The best scorer and the most productive defender is Tömmernes, who collected 10 points in seven duels, mostly with assists. Fourth is defender Michal Kempný, who has seven points on two hits and five assists. With 10 positive points, two Americans – defenders Nick Perbix and Gauthier – have the best record of participation on the ice in goals scored and conceded. With 33 minutes, the most punished player at the World Cup is Slovakian forward Libor Hudáček, who works in Třinac.

Swiss Leonardo Genoni completely dominates the goalkeeping statistics with a save success rate of 96.61 percent, an average of 0.67 goals conceded per match and, like the Swede, Lars Johansson managed to keep two clean sheets. Czech goalkeeper Karel Vejmelka is seventh with a success rate of 95.56 and an average of 1.34.

Individual statistics of the World Hockey Championships in Tampere and Riga:

Canadian Scoring:

1. D. Kubalík (Czech Republic) 7 games/12 points (8 goals + 4 assists), 2. Tynan (USA) 7/10 (1+9), 3. Tömmernes (Sweden) 7/10 (0+10), 4. N. Ehlers (Dan.) 7/9 (5+4), 5. Grimaldi (USA), Peterka (German) both 7/9 (4+5), 7. Červenka (CZ), Weegar (Kan .) both 7/9 (3+6), 9. Gauthier (USA) 7/8 (6+2), 10. Lindberg (Sweden) 7/8 (3+5), …16. Kempný (CZ) 7/7 (2+5).


1. D. Kubalík (Czech Republic) 8 goals, 2. Gauthier (USA) 6, 3. Abols (Lat.), Crouse (Can.), N. Ehlers (Den.), N. Sturm (Germany) all 5 , 7. Niederreiter, Ambühl (both Switzerland), Grimaldi, A. Tuch (both USA), Peterka (Germany), Sofron (Germany) all 4, …13. L. Sedlák, Červenka (both Czech Republic) 3.


1. Tömmernes (Sweden) 10 assists, 2. Tynan (USA) 9, 3. Rantanen (Fin.) 8, 4. Balcers (Latvia), Wissmann (Germany) both 7, 6. Červenka (Czech Republic), Corvi (Switzerland), M. Lauridsen (Denmark), Weegar (Can.) all 6, 10. Berggren, O. Lindberg, Raymond (all Sweden), Garland, Grimaldi, Perunovich (all USA), Noebels, Peterka (both German), Kempný (Czech Republic), Haas (Switzerland), Kakko (Fin.), O. Määttä (Fin.), Rossi (Austria) all 5, …23. Tomášek, D. Kubalík (both Czech Republic) 4.

The most productive defenders:

1. Tömmernes (Sweden) 7/10 (0+10), 2. Weegar (Can.) 7/9 (3+6), 3. Wissmann (German) 7/8 (1+7), 4. Kempný ( CR) 7/7 (2+5), 5. Perunovich (USA) 7/6 (1+5).

Plus and minus points:

< p>1. Perbix, Gauthier both 10 positive points, 3. Samberg, Tynan both 9, 5. A. Tuch, Mazur, Thrun (all USA), Wissmann (Ger.), Weegar (Kan.), K. Kapanen (Fin. ), Pudas (Swed.) all 8.

Most punished players:

1. L. Hudáček (SR) 33 penalty minutes, 2. Eyssimont (USA) 29, 3. Claireaux (Fr.), Fantilli (Can.), Szuber (Germany) all 27, 6. Farnier, Texier (both Fr.) , D. Voženílek (Czech Republic), Rosandič (SR) all 25, 10. Addamo (Fr.) 12, …16. Kempný (ČR) 6.

Success on throw-ins:

1. Richard (Switzerland) 69.33 percent, 2. Björninen (Fin.) 67.06, 3. Krebs (Can.) 66.67, 4. Suomela (Fin.) 64.58, 5. Wiederer (German .) 64.29, …15. L. Sedlák 58.70, 16. Chytil 58.62, 22. M. Špaček 56.92, 25. Sobotka (all Czech Republic) 56.92.

Goalkeepers according to percentage of successful saves:

1. Genoni (Switzerland) 96.61, 2. Vejmelka (Czech Republic) 95.56, 3. Škorvánek (SR) 95.37, 4. L. Johansson 95.24, 5. Wallstedt (both Swedes) 94.74.

Goalkeepers by average goals scored per match:

1. Genoni (Switzerland), Wallstedt both 0.67, 3. L. Johansson (both Sweden) 1.22, 4. Montembeault (Can.) 1.23, 5. Škorvánek (SR) 1.26, … 7. Vejmelka (Czech Republic) 1.34.

Goalkeepers with a clean sheet:

2 – Genoni (Switzerland), L. Johansson (Sweden),

1 – Vejmelka (Czech Republic), Mayer (Switzerland), DeSmith (USA), Montembeault (Can.), Škorvánek (SR), Haukeland (Nor.), Niederberger (Germany), Šilovs ( Lot.).

Spectators: 372,665 spectators visited the 56 matches so far, an average of 6655 per match.