Kuznetsova urged to make a prosperous family a national idea

Kuznetsova urged to make a prosperous family a national idea

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Kuznetsova urged to make a prosperous family a national idea

Anna Kuznetsova, Commissioner for the Rights of the Child of the Russian Federation under the President of the Russian Federation, called the formation of a comfortable environment oriented towards families with children as one of the main tasks of today. She made such a statement on Friday, August 27, during a round table on the welfare of families, social guarantees and employment, taking place in Mordovia.

“This challenge still stands in the 21st century. It is very important to do [комфортным] the whole world around, from the road to the clinic and ending with places of rest and the rest of the family. For example, it should be convenient for a mother with a stroller to walk from point A to point B in a particular village or city. Such tasks should be included in architectural plans, regional programs, ”the ombudsman said.

Also among the tasks Kuznetsova called the expansion of the availability of measures to support families, including benefits and allowances, as well as the simplification of their receipt. According to her, this should not be an “insurmountable quest” for Russian families.

Improving housing conditions is also one of the most pressing issues. Kuznetsova noted that every year at least 5 million families should be able to improve their living conditions.

“This is a very accurate measure. Because, unfortunately, the office of the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child often receives applications on housing issues, and this issue must be resolved, ”she said.

The Ombudsman stressed that existing programs to improve housing conditions need to be carefully analyzed, since sometimes the program exists and is documented, but only a few can use it.

In addition, Kuznetsova noted the importance of continuing to work on expanding opportunities for obtaining support measures in the “one window” mode.

“Today, the family should not knock around the doorstep and look into numerous offices, looking for someone who should help her,” she stressed.

It is necessary, she said, to establish communication with the family about the provision of assistance, as well as clear coordination and feedback in order to understand how to improve the system. For the heads of the regions, such information can become “a serious guide to action,” said the ombudsman for the rights of the child.

Earlier on the same day, the United Russia party published a popular program, with which he goes to the elections to the State Duma of the VIII convocation. One of its sections is called “Strong Family”, and the party named activities in the interests of the citizens of Russia and the solution of their pressing problems as one of their priorities.

For example, the EP offered to exempt families with children from the tax on the sale of housing if they buy a new one within a year; to expand the possibilities of using subsidies for large families to pay off mortgages and to purchase land for the construction of their homes; to expand the scope of application of matkapital; return “school medicine” to educational organizations, provide families with children from 1.5 to 7 years old with places in preschool institutions and much more.

The electoral program was adopted at the congress of “United Russia” held on 24 August. During this meeting, as well as at the party congress on August 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that residents of all regions of the country have become co-authors of the United Russia program, therefore, it can be called popular.