Kyiv has identified the shot prisoner of war, it is Tymofije Shadura

Kyiv has identified the shot prisoner of war, it is Tymofije Shadura

Kiev identified the shot prisoner of war, it is Tymofije & Scaron;adura

Ukrainian soldier – illustration photo.

Kyiv – The Ukrainian military has identified a shot prisoner of war who appeared in footage on social media. This is Tymofije Šadura from the 30th Mechanized Brigade. The brigade informed about it on Facebook.

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The video, which became public on Monday, shows a situation where after an unarmed Ukrainian soldier shouts “Glory to Ukraine”, the Russians start shooting at him with profanity. It is not clear where the video came from, its authenticity was not officially confirmed by the army or the murdered man's family on Monday, the Kyiv Independent newspaper wrote.

The video caused nationwide outrage in Ukraine, which has been resisting Russian aggression for more than a year. . The murder of the prisoner of war was condemned by many Ukrainian politicians, including President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Shadura has been missing since February 3 after the fighting near the town of Bachmut. The body of our soldier is in the temporarily occupied territory,” the 30th Mechanized Brigade said in a statement today. As she added, definitive confirmation of identity will be possible after the return of the body and appropriate examinations. “The command of the brigade expresses its sincere condolences to the family and loved ones,” the brigade added, promising to avenge the death.

The command of the ground forces of Ukraine gave the same name of the soldier who was shot. However, his body is located in the temporarily occupied territories, so the final identification will be possible only after they have been liberated and the relevant research has been carried out.

However, the well-known war journalist Yuri Butusov claims that the soldier who was shot was volunteer Oleksandr Macijevsky from 163 . of the militia battalion from the city of Nizhyn, Chernihiv region, who was recognized on the video by his comrades. He was buried last month. The body is apparently now being examined in order to clarify the circumstances of death.

Butusov's claim was recorded by the Russian BBC editorial office, among others.

She reminded that Russian officials have not yet commented on the footage.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba already on Monday turned to the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khan and asked him to open an investigation into the murder of a captured Ukrainian soldier . According to the minister, this Russian war crime is proof that Russia is waging a genocidal war, the RBK-Ukraine website wrote.

The head of the Ukrainian president's office Andriy Yermak wrote on the social network that war crimes are being cultivated in Russia and the authorities are trying to mask them with propaganda and myths about “Nazis” in Ukraine. “The murder of a person who was captured is another example of this. And also an example of Russian wretchedness and weakness,” he pointed out. “There will be retribution for every such war crime. No one will hide from it,” he emphasized.

Last month in Davos, Switzerland, Jermak reported that Kyiv had recorded over 80,000 Russian war crimes, of which over 9,000 civilians had become victims. including 453 children. “We will not forgive a single case of torture, a single stolen life. Every criminal will be held accountable,” he said at the time. He reiterated Kyiv's demand for the creation of a special international tribunal to try leading Russian politicians responsible for the invasion of Ukraine.

Kyiv accuses Russia of waging a genocidal war against Ukraine, which is mainly evidenced by evidence of the murder of hundreds of civilians by Russian soldiers in occupied cities and villages before their liberation. The city of Buča near Kyiv became a symbol of these atrocities.