Kylie Jenner sent her assistant into the world of social networks

Assistant and close friend of the famous model Kylie Jenner Victoria Villarroel step away from becoming influencers. We believe that you should follow her on Instagram.

Кайли Дженнер отпустила свою ассистентку в мир соцсетей

Will definitely work on a celebrity such as Kylie (and Forbes fell, and gave birth to children, on vacation and flying) — very profitable. But in 2020, the popular Instagram-influencers don’t care about a real work schedule, responsibilities, and reporting. It’s time for one post in social networks you can earn 10 thousand dollars. And though we do not doubt the generosity of Kylie Jenner, the model is unlikely to pay their employees a lot more.

Just over a month the number of subscribers of the former assistants of celebrities will be over 1 million, her posts will bring far more income, and activity will increase significantly.

  • But was there any drama?

No, just the drama was not. Kylie quietly released his assistant into the world of social networks and upheld the decision of Victoria, retaining friendships.

But what are we all about dramas. Let’s look at quality content from Victoria and sign soon on her blog!

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