La casa de papel 5: such a stick … such a splinter?

La casa de papel 5: such a stick … such a splinter?

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La casa de papel 5: such a stick … such a splinter?

Today begins the beginning of the end of one of the most watched series in recent times: ‘The paper house’ and its protagonists are preparing to take fans to emotional ecstasy with a delivery that Netflix has arranged in two parts: one the first extremely warlike (September 3) and a second (which will be seen from December 3), much more visceral.

“I want to thank Latin America in a very special way because I have received tons of love from that blessed land,” says actor Pedro Alonso (Berlin), starting the exclusive interview with La República through Zoom with his colleagues Luka Peros (Marseille) and Patrick Criado (Rafael).

This last trip of the shoot has been intense, but Pedro Alonso He confesses that he is moved by the enormous affection that the fans lavished on the series and especially on his character, to such an extent that they made it possible for ‘Berlin’ to transcend death through flashbacks and memories. “It’s hard to believe. I did the duel with this character, several actors who did the first and second seasons lived a time of grief, we believed that this could have more travel, the characters had a lot of potential. Later, we learned that the series was going to continue and that ‘Berlin’ was going to live in flashbacks … That gives me a lot of vertigo, but my gratitude has grown exponentially, because ‘Berlin’ has not only remained a character dear, but the risk involved in living in the past has been reassessed. At first, the character was pure present, pure chaos, so losing the possibility of being in the action of the heist was a very serious problem. But that has led us to continue reinventing ourselves with the character, knowing new aspects and putting oneself to the test, which is one of the fundamental cards of this production ”.

In this final season, ‘Berlin’ will show the last of his unknown facets: that of a father, and the person in charge of playing ‘Rafael’, his son, will be Patrick Raised. “’Rafael’ is going to help answer many of the audience’s questions, especially in relation to ‘Berlin’ and aspects of his personality and how he behaves. I think a lot of the answers are in the relationship you have had with your son, and where he has come from and how it has ended. And that makes me very proud, it was a challenge and a responsibility when facing this series, ”says Criado, for whom it was an achievement to join the cast of ‘La casa de papel’. “Getting involved with this family has been nice and complicated, because always when you get to something that is already rolling, you have to get on the moving train. But I have been very well wrapped up, so I cannot be more grateful and happy, that the work we have done with a lot of effort and affection is seen ”, affirms the 25-year-old young actor who has already been nominated for the Goya Awards.

Hysteria and pandemic

The croatian Luka peros (Marseille) stresses that the pandemic delayed and complicated the recordings of this fifth installment. “The filming has been very hard due to the new measures, they did not allow us to eat together, each one was in his dressing room, I don’t know how many PCR and antigens made us, we delayed, but I am very proud because we all endured and did this season to the fullest. We have gotten something good out of these difficult times, ”he reflects.

Alonso adds: “There were people from the direction and production team who were on the verge of heart attack, there have been many setbacks. What’s more, Due to the format and profile of the series, it was necessary to continue betting in terms of production, that is, there were many exhibition fronts and a lot of responsibility, that if this collapsed, a very fat building would fall. But we have come to the end, it has been possible ”.

For the actor, who will finally say goodbye to ‘Berlin’, the public that has followed these robbers in red jumpsuits and Dalí masks for four years will be satisfied with the ending. “I think that all the people in ‘La casa de papel’ have left their souls and have put all the energy that was in each one of us. We did what we had to do. Of course, the return we have had so far has met expectations. It seems like a dream to me that there are so many people who send us so many signs of affection, but each one is free and we will see what happens. We have been privileged, many people have not been able to continue with their productions, there are colleagues whose work has dropped. In other words, in the difficulty there is also virtue, the luck of being in a project like this ”.