La casa de papel: actors reveal what they have ‘stolen’ from the film set

La casa de papel: actors reveal what they have ‘stolen’ from the film set

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La casa de papel: actors reveal what they have ‘stolen’ from the film set

The first volume of the fifth season of La casa de papel is now available on Netflix. Fans have finally received what they have been waiting for a long time: an action-packed sequel. However, this new installment is just the beginning of the end, as the second part will arrive in December of this year to close the most famous robbery on Spanish-language television.

However, despite the fact that the endearing characters of Spanish fiction have stolen the hearts of the fans, some of the actors have chosen to keep something more than just the affection of the followers. Infobae spoke with the protagonists of the series and some confessed what they keep from the props.

La casa de papel is one of the most successful Spanish series on Netflix. Photo: Netflix

Luka peros (Marseille) confesses that, in addition to the gift he received like the rest of his co-stars, “I wanted to steal a cap, but I’m not a thief, I’m an actor.” For its part, Patrick Raised (Rafael) admits that he took a watch of his character: “I accidentally took it, I realized it when I got home.”

This last justification was made a joke by Pedro Alonso (Berlin), without necessarily being convinced of what he hears: “This is how the world sells its soul to the devil. I accidentally took it, and since I had taken it … “. But he affirms that, although on other occasions he has kept a garment, in this case he only has one of the iconic Dalí masks that made the show a phenomenon.

As to Enrique Arce (Arturo Román), the actor clarifies that he did not know that his last shootings would be his farewell, so he did not take any souvenirs. Nevertheless, Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra) planted a very convinced answer: “I wigs. Netflix did not know and I said it today for the first time. I always wear the wigs. They are expensive, they are tailored to me and they carry my ideas inside ”, he affirmed.

“I always have the strange esoteric thing and I think that if someone keeps my wigs, they keep the thought of the character. So I take them because I don’t want anyone to touch the heads of the characters, “he added.

Alvaro Morte He said it was a little more specific: “I kept one of the Professor’s glasses and a cap that the Professor takes off, I don’t know if in the first or second season,” he revealed.