La reina del sur 3: Peruvian actors and cities in Peru where the series will be filmed

La reina del sur 3: Peruvian actors and cities in Peru where the series will be filmed

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La reina del sur 3: Peruvian actors and cities in Peru where the series will be filmed

A few months ago, in May, the recordings of La reina del sur 3 began in Bolivia. In the following weeks, all the production moved to Colombia, made a small jump to Mexico and again returned to red lands. All this could be learned thanks to the Instagram posts of a member very close to the team: the Colombian director of the series Carlos Villegas.

Kate del Castillo for La reina del sur 3. Photo: Telemundo.

Likewise, it is known that filming will continue in Peru exactly in Machu Picchu, the Historic Center of Lima, Miraflores and San Isidro. And as if this were not enough, four renowned Peruvian actors will participate in La reina del sur 3: Mayella Lloclla, Gerardo Zamora, Emanuel Soriano and Rodrigo Palacios.

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First published photo of actor Gerardo Zamora in Colombia. Photo: @gerardozamoraoficial / Instagram

Emanuel Soriano is also in the cast of La reina del sur 3. Photo: @ emanuelsoriano11 / Instagram

They have already confirmed through their social networks that they are filming in Bogotá, Colombia. In addition, some have said that they are a few days away from returning to Peru to continue with the work of this popular audiovisual, in which the main protagonist is Teresa Mendoza, played by Kate del Castillo.

One of the last to post on Instagram, just a few hours ago, was Rodrigo Palacios, remembered for his role as Lorenzo Robles in The Last Bastion, a series to commemorate 200 years of Peru’s independence. The first season is on Netflix. Rodrigo left a snapshot with the message, “in two days I’ll be back at my house with my tribe and that makes me very happy 💙 good Sunday 🤟🏽 ”.

Rodrigo Palacios is excited to return to Peru, see his family, friends and continue recording for La reina del sur 3. Photo: @rodrigopalaciosp / Instagram

On the other hand, you do a couple of days ago, Mayella Lloclla, well known for embodying the folk singer Dina Páucar, released a photo in which she reaffirmed that she is in Colombia, but not for any collaboration, but to record La reina del sur 3.

“Thank you all for the beautiful messages and the beautiful energy. Yes, I am in Colombia filming 🇨🇴 🎬 and soon we will record in Peru too 🇵🇪 💪🏼❤️ I love you very much 😘 # LaReinaDelSur3 # LRDS3 ″, wrote the talented Mayella.

Last publication of the Peruvian actress Mayella Lloclla. Photo: @mayellalloclla / Instagram

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This is how the dots have been tied and now it can be assured that This quartet of actors is participating in the third installment of the long-awaited series The Queen of the South. Very soon we will see the whole group on Peruvian soil.