La Reine and Clerval on pre-alert

La Reine and Clerval on pre-alert

The Queen and Clerval in pre-alert

The forest fire in the Lac Pajegasque sector is part of the fires that started in Abitibi-Ouest last Thursday.

The municipalities of La Reine and Clerval in turn decree the; state of emergency.

The citizens of these two municipalities have been advised to prepare for an evacuation which could be ordered in the coming hours due to the forest fires raging in Abitibi-Ouest.

Important documents , medicines, clothing and essential supplies should be collected. Authorities recommend people have necessities for at least 72 hours away from home.

People who wish to evacuate more quickly can go to the Polyno de La Sarre, the reception center for the MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest, in order to register and let them know that the they are safe.

In Rapide-Danseur, still in Abitibi-Ouest, a state of emergency has also been declared for the Lac Daiguisier sector. In this case, evacuation is recommended as a preventive measure.

Fanny Dupras, Mayor of La Reine, points out that the wind has picked up in force and that new fires have broken out in the area. “So we have to be ready to evacuate. The smoke is becoming more and more present. It has not yet been declared, but an eventual evacuation is to be expected. Citizens are asked to remain calm, to be prepared and to listen to the instructions, ”she mentioned on the show It's worth the return.

< p class="e-p">Ms. Dupras says she fears that citizens would still want to stay in the event of an evacuation. “I feel like some people don't really understand the magnitude of the situation,” she said. We are waiting for information on the situation, which is still worrying, considering that the winds are pushing towards our municipality. We must remain on the lookout and in communication with civil security and SOPFEU. »