La voz Peru the final: Aldair Sánchez received support from fans after being the first eliminated

La voz Peru the final: Aldair Sánchez received support from fans after being the first eliminated

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La voz Peru the final: Aldair Sánchez received support from fans after being the first eliminated

After performing “Ingá” and making his coach dance in La voz Perú, the singer Aldair Sanchez He became the first eliminated from the final of the program held this Thursday, August 26 and which gives rise to the LIVE premiere of La voz Senior, on Friday 27 of the month.

Despite the bad news, the finalist Daniela Darcourt took Cristian Rivero’s announcement calmly and with a smile, who previously mentioned Marcela Navarro as another of those saved by the public.

“For me to have reached the final has been impressive, I never imagined it, but I am representing what at some point the teacher Eva also represented. It is the opportunity for the music industry to give Creole music the opportunity, “said the chalaco.

However, Twitter users expressed their dissatisfaction with the elimination of Aldair Sánchez, who days before was recognized in the Congress of the Republic for his contribution to Creole music.

“Aldair Sánchez would have been a finalist… Fraud”, “Feel calm, Aldair. The country did not know how to choose, but before objective eyes you are the one who should have stayed “,” What an upset. In La Voz Perú, they eliminated the chalaco Aldair Sánchez, who sang a formidable celebration. Chocheritas, ours comes first. Long live Peruvian music, which is famous in the world ”and“ Aldair Sánchez was always more than everyone there, how about the program arrangement ”were some of the tweets.

Aldair Sánchez went to the final night of La Voz Perú after the sauce boat chose him in front of Sebastián Palma, who on social networks was claimed to also be part of the decisive night.

Aldair Sánchez was recognized by Congress

Through his social networks, on August 24, Aldair Sánchez revealed that he received recognition “for his dedication, enormous talent for music and being the new voice of criollismo in Callao”, from the hands of the congresswoman Patricia Chirinos.

“I was in the Congress of the Republic, where I was invited by the third vice president of the Congress, Mrs. Patricia Chirinos, who recognized my career and dedication to our Creole music,” he said. “I feel very happy for every step that I am taking. Always grateful to each person who helps me to continue. We’re going for more ”, added the former participant of The 4 finalists in his publication.

Aldair Sánchez and Daniela Darcourt. Photo: composition / Instagram

Aldair Sánchez received the support of Bartola in La voz Perú

On August 24, Bartola, one of the great exponents of Creole music, used her official Facebook account to send a message of support to Aldair Sánchez, during the semifinal of La voz Perú.

“Hello everyone! Tonight we cannot stop supporting Aldair Sánchez in # LaVozPerú. By entering the Latina App we can vote for him and allow him to continue in the competition. Come on, Aldair! ”Wrote the host of the program One and a Thousand Voices.