Last year, Czechs went on vacation on their own in record numbers

Last year, Czechs went on vacation on their own in record numbers

Even last year, they went on vacation on their own a record number

People on the beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Prague – Last year was a record year for the number of Czechs who went on holiday on their own. In total, Czechs paid 12 percent more money for longer stays abroad, i.e. for four or more nights, than in 2021. Nevertheless, they spent a shorter time abroad. Traditionally, the most people traveled to Croatia, Slovakia and Italy. Jumper of the year is Egypt. With reference to its data and statistics of the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), ČTK was informed by ERV Evropská pojišťovna.

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She stated that, according to them, over two million Czechs went on longer stays abroad with a travel agency last year, twice as many as in 2021. Last year, there were almost 2.9 million longer stays on their own, which corresponds to an 88 percent increase compared to 2021. the highest number for the period of publication of CZSO statistics since 2011, the insurance company noted. Overall, the share of individual versus organized (with a travel agency) trips was 58 versus 42 percent. In 2019, it was 55 against 45 percent.

In 2022, according to the data, Czechs made 33 million longer and shorter trips. A fifth of them went abroad. Year-on-year, the number of foreign trips has more than doubled. In 2021, when there was a pandemic, Czechs went abroad on 3.2 million trips. 13.3 million longer stays took place last year, of which 5.3 million were abroad. The numbers thus reach the 40 percent share that was common before the pandemic, ERV said. Compared to the pre-pandemic year 2019, the number of longer stays abroad increased by three percent in 2022.

The average length of longer stays decreased from 8.5 to 7.7 days. According to ERV, the office last recorded such a low number of days in 2015.

2.3 million business trips were also made last year, which represents a 56 percent decrease compared to 2019. “Although we are seeing a massive return to face-to-face meetings with a number of corporate clients, many people still use video conferences that they learned to use during the pandemic,” ERV Vlastimil Divoký, communications manager, told ČTK.

Average expenses for longer stays abroad increased by leaps and bounds. While Czechs paid an average of CZK 14,306 for them in 2021, last year it was CZK 16,030, i.e. 12 percent more year-on-year, ERV pointed out. The cost of one day of a longer stay abroad in the Czech Republic came to CZK 1,838, 22 percent more than in 2021. Expenditures for shorter trips abroad, which last up to three days, fell by 2.6 percent year-on-year, she added.

< p>According to the data, 846,000 Czechs went on a longer vacation to Croatia last year, i.e. 39 percent more than in 2021 and 14 percent more than in 2019. Slovakia returned to its second place, which last year was visited by a total of 631,000 Czechs, to Italy 519,000. Holidays in Egypt were a phenomenon. It has long been among the most popular air destinations. A record 470,000 Czechs went there in 2022, which is twice as many as in 2019, ERV pointed out.