Lawn tractors compete in a race in Témiscamingue

Lawn tractors compete in a race in Témiscamingue

Lawn tractors compete in a race in Témiscamingue

For a second consecutive year, riders in lawn tractors competed for first place in a friendly setting in Rémigny.

The municipality of Rémigny celebrated on Friday and Saturday. For a second consecutive year, riders in lawn tractors competed for first place in a friendly atmosphere.

Behind the cloud of dust kicked up by the vehicles, two runners compete aboard their lawn tractor on an improvised track behind the Recreation Center.

Saturday, six competitors took part in the race aboard their cars modified for the occasion.

Zakary Quévillon, 15, accumulates the hours spent improving his lawn tractor.

When I bought it, it didn't work. With my father, we managed to make it work, but it was problems on top of problems. Last year, I managed to do my shopping, but he died not long after. This year I managed to resuscitate him in time. I will hope it holds up! But I didn't really come to win, I mostly came to have fun, observes the young man from Guérin.

Zakary Quévillon had some mechanical problems preventing him from finishing the race but still had a lot of fun.

Here, competition gives way to a spirit of camaraderie. Tractors dating back a few decades compete with newer machines and some certainly dominate by their speed.

I'm a bit in a class of its own with my racing car. I'm in the super-modded class and there are some that are just starting out. But that's okay, we're here to have fun, says Jules Bérubé, a regular in lawn tractor racing.

The parts of his vehicle have been optimized to to make it as powerful as possible, which gave it a considerable lead over its opponents on the race track.

The municipality of Rémigny was celebrating on Friday and Saturday when a lawn tractor race took place in the presence of several dozen spectators.

In Rémigny, this is my second participation. We have three or four events in the region every year. We enjoy it, we have fun, we make young people! enthusiastically launches the runner from Notre-Dame-du-Nord.

After a successful first edition, the organizing committee widened the track to the delight of the participants, explains one of the organizers, Charlie Dulong-Dufresne.

We listened to the comments of our runners last year. They told us it wasn't long enough for them to speed up, so we got better, she says.

Charlie Dulong-Dufresne, member of the event's organizing committee in front of the Ninja Warrior race course.

A race for children that is all the rage

At the start of the afternoon, the first edition of a Ninja Warrior type obstacle course attracted nearly 70 children aged 2 to 13.

< p class="e-p">Steven Gauthier left Rouyn-Noranda to enjoy the sunny day with his two young children. “We came for the activity and they tripped at the end. There, their face is in candy and they are very happy to have their medal, ”rejoices the father of the family.

Steven Gauthier and his two children, who came to participate in the obstacle course and watch the lawn tractor race.< /p>

The organizers did not expect to receive so many registrations. We had a lot of nice comments. I think it will be an activity to redo , remarks Charlie Dulong-Dufresne.

During the two days of the Fête de Rémigny, dance and bingo evenings were organized as well as a fire brigade brunch.

The municipality also launched its first public market on Saturday.

A first public market is being held in Rémigny