Leading Auditor opens the bottle with a sabre

Leading the New channel continues to amaze with their extraordinary abilities and Hobbies.

Ведущая Ревизора открывает бутылки саблей

Leading “Inspector” opens bottles with a saber

Who would have thought that the fragile Julia Pankova can take a sword in one hand, bottle in the other and slash so that even the fragments will not remain! During your gastronomic trip to Italy, to Tuscany, she learned zaboraviti champagne. Yes, Julia is now in one easy motion can uncork a bottle of bubbly.

– Zaboraviti I was taught by the famous winemaker Ricardo Baracca – says Julia. – The bottle I opened the first time. And not even damaged it.

Ведущая Ревизора открывает бутылки саблей

Leading “Inspector” opens bottles with a saber

This method of opening champagne is not a modern invention. As it turned out, this tradition began in the days of Napoleon. That was the uncorked bottle while celebrating his another victory.

There’s a romantic version of the origin of such a tradition, – says Yulia. – Madame Clicquot at the age of 27 began to engage in the production of champagne. The girl was very popular among men, and they were trying to somehow impress her. Every morning they drove past her estates, and the sight of a beautiful woman, greeted her, uncorking the champagne with a sword.

Though many years have passed, and the Italians are not only striking soborovanie, but also teach tourists!

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