Learned: even if electric “they will be real Alfa Romeos” |  FormulaPassion.it

Learned: even if electric “they will be real Alfa Romeos” | FormulaPassion.it

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Learned: even if electric “they will be real Alfa Romeos” |  FormulaPassion.it

Jean-Philippe Learned he is a CEO who does not lack passion. The French love Alfa Romeo and defends it with full sword, even if it is one of the most complex steps in the history of the brand. The transition to electric, for those who have always married the ‘Quadrifoglio’ line with captivating performance thermal engines, will not be easy at all. After all, however, the choice is almost obligatory, given that emissions are an increasingly pressing issue.

Learned also understood that if there is one thing about Alfa Romeo that must not be touched, it is the name. Due to a misunderstanding, for a few hours after Stellantis’ EV Day, there was the doubt of the change to the Alfa e-Romeo name. But it was just a slogan. “I wanted an impactful message for the audience: a second passed on the screen but it aroused a thousand reactions. Alfa e-Romeo will not lead to a name change, we have respect for 111 years of history. However, the electric one is a necessary evolution for the brand, if Europe imposes an end to the sale of combustion engines, we must be ready, otherwise we are deadLearned said according to what La Stampa reports.

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The basic idea, however, is that regardless of the force that will propel the next cars of the brand, they will have to be real Alfa Romeo in terms of performance, driveability and emotions. The Tonale SUV (smaller than Stelvio) will arrive in 2022 and will be a plug-in hybrid. In 2024 there will be the first electric, without further thermal versions; in 2025 the STLA Large electric platform will be used. “We will always have a very high level of performance. Alfa Romeo does not sell electric, it sells sportiness. With the new platforms you can do everything, we will see based on the level of power if we keep the rear wheel drive. What is not discussed are the handling qualities. Starting from the technological building blocks offered by the Stellantis group, we are working on our interpretationLearned explained.