Leclerc: “Losing like this hurts” |

Leclerc: “Losing like this hurts” |

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Leclerc: “Losing like this hurts” |

“Losing like this two laps from the end hurts. Much”. Charles Leclerc with great honesty he underlined all the disappointment in not being able to realize a success that seemed to have been achieved after the pit stop. The Ferrari driver was 14 seconds ahead of Hamilton and together with the short wall I had managed to solve the engine power ‘cut’ problems due to mapping problems. With the hard tire, however, Hamilton recovered without leaving Leclerc a chance.

The Monegasque to the microphones of Sky Sport F1 however he acknowledged that today there were some nice surprises for Ferrari: “There is a lot of positive, but as a rider I don’t give a damn about what happened before. I just wanted to win this race. The result is that in the last three laps I lost the victory. Honestly if I didn’t pass there I would have let me pass somewhere else, because Lewis had more today. Especially on the hard, because we went very fast on the medium. Surprisingly strong. On the hard bikes we were still faster than we thought, but obviously not at the level of the Mercedes. We have to understand why we were doing so fast with the averages ”.

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After what happened on the first lap between Hamilton and Verstappen Leclerc at the Copse it was more shrewd, but the latter betrayed him: “I felt that we could do a little remake of the first lap, in which I was the first spectator behind the two of them. I didn’t want to take any risks because we are obviously not battling for the championship against Lewis. I tried to stay in the front, the only thing that fooled me was that when exiting the corner I hit the rear that I recovered. That took me out, otherwise I would have stayed on track. That made him overtake ”.

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Leclerc had the best in his hands Ferrari of the season after Monaco: “Best Ferrari after Monaco I think. There are races where we show the potential of the car, we just need to understand this car and the tires more to be more consistent at this level of performance. In any case, today’s race shows that we are doing something good. It shows that we are working well. The team is strong. I believe in this team and I’m happy to highlight it with such a result. Then this does not mean that from here on we will always be on the podium ”.