Leclerc saved by the bell |

Leclerc saved by the bell |

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Leclerc saved by the bell |

Among the curious facts that occurred during the weekend of Belgian Grand Prix, one of these occurred during the interminable wait for the race. The main protagonists, in this case, were the Ferrari and your pilot Charles Leclerc, guilty of having committed a sporting offense not sanctioned by the Race Direction.

The episode occurred shortly after 15.00, which is the time when the race should have started. At that moment, the Red mechanics intervened on the Monegasque’s car to carry out the tire change on the starting grid, which is not allowed by the regulation in point 40.1 of the regulatory code imposed by the FIA, which prohibits teams from making changes to the cars after the time limit.

At that point, the Maranello team and its driver would therefore have suffered a penalty for having committed the “crime” beyond the expected time, which however never materialized due to an unprecedented “hole” in the regulation: in fact, the tires were only replaced after the announcementpostponement of departure, which allowed the team and the Ferrari number 16 not to incur any kind of penalty.

An unprecedented and particular fact, to say the least, but which was fully confirmed in a press release from the FIA, which wanted to underline this singular circumstance, however opening the possibilities for competing teams to be able to appeal the decision.

FP | Alessandro Prada