Ledecká won the SP parallel slalom in her second start after injury

Ledecká won the SP parallel slalom in her second start after injury

Ledeck won the SP parallel slalom in her second start after injury

Illustration photo – Skier and snowboarder Ester Ledecká, October 27, 2022.

Berchtesgaden (Germany) – Three-time Olympic champion Ester Ledecká turned her second start after a lingering collarbone injury in victory. After the second place in the parallel giant slalom in Rogle on Wednesday, she dominated the parallel slalom in Berchtesgaden today and claimed her 21st triumph in the Snowboard World Cup.

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Ledecká was already dominant in qualifying, where she gave her rivals more than a second. In the elimination races, she had to fight the most in the quarter-finals against the reigning world champion in parallel slalom, the Swiss Julia Zogg, whom she defeated by 19 hundredths of a second. Then she eliminated her only conqueror from Rogle, the Austrian Sabine Schöffmann, who did not finish the race after a mistake.

She entered the final against the home team Ramona Theresia Hofmeister in style, leading by 85 hundredths at the halfway point. Then her German rival was getting closer, but Ledecká defended her lead by 23 hundredths. She thus victoriously concluded her short racing season in the World Cup, which lasted less than a week after two surgeries. “The race was amazing, I really enjoyed every lap. I'm happy to be back,” she said in a televised interview in the finish area. Cortina d'Ampezzo. Meanwhile, she defended her Pyeongchang gold at the Beijing Olympics last February. In addition to twenty-one snowboard victories, she also won three World Cup races in downhill skiing.

With her triumph in the final, Ledecka deprived Hofmeister of the opportunity to dominate the overall ranking of the World Cup. The queen of the season in parallel races was Zoggová, who also won the slalom order.

Austrian Fabian Obmann was the king of the men in Berchtesgaden, and the first victory in his career also earned him a large crystal globe for the overall ranking of the WC and a small one for first place in the discipline. .

SP in snowboarding in Berchtesgaden (Germany) – parallel slalom:

Men: 1. Obmann, 2. Auner (both Austrian), 3 . Marguč (Slovenia), 4. Winters (USA), … in qualification 39. Minárik, Počinek(both Czech Republic) disqualified.

Final order of slalom (after 5 races): 1. Obmann 297, 2. Bormolini (It.) 295, 3. Auner 251.

Final order of SP in parallel races (after 11 races): 1. Obmann 485, 2. Bormolini 481, 3. Prommegger (Austria) 465.

Women: 1. Ledecká (Czech Republic), 2. Hofmeisterová, 3. Lochová (both German), 4. Schöfmannová (Austria), … in qualification 21. Maděrová (Czech Republic).

Final order of slalom (after 5 races): 1. Zoggová (Switzerland) 345, 2. Ulbingová (Austria) 290, 3. Schöfmannová 288, …15. Ledecka 100, 16. Maderová 80, 43. Keclíková (CZ) 3.

Final order of the WC in parallel races (after 11 races): 1. Zoggová 595, 2. Hofmeisterová 584, 3. Schöffmannová 549 , …18. Ledecká 180, 19. Maderová 171, 43. Šonková (ČR) 10, 51. Keclíková 3.