Liberal MP-Elected George Chahal Flyer Controversy Seeks New Investigation and Request to Cancel Results

Liberal MP-Elected George Chahal Flyer Controversy Seeks New Investigation and Request to Cancel Results

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Liberal MP-Elected George Chahal Flyer Controversy Seeks New Investigation and Request to Cancel Results

Conservative stewardship advocate Liberal George Chahal lost his seat at Calgary Skyview, asking Calgary judges to cancel election results because of the controversy surrounding the campaign, according to news reports.

The investigation is being handled by the Office of the Electoral Commissioner of Canada (CCE).

Calgary police are not investigating any criminal wrongdoing but will make sure they are in a supportive role for the CCE.

Chahal, a former Municipal Councilor, won the only non-traditional seat held by former Jag Sahuta.

The day before the election, Chahal was caught on a doorbell camera, removing one of Sakota’s promotional flyers and replacing it with his own.

In response to the video, Chahal said he took a Soweta flyer because it contained incorrect voting information.

But Glen Pennett, a retired police officer for Flyer and Calgary who left Chahal, directs the voter to go to the polling station 16 kilometers from where he is supposed to be.

Soweta’s lawyer, Ivan Shevchuk, provided the News with a copy of the flyer, which is similar to the copier taken by Chahal, which contains the correct polling station information.

Canada Election Commissioner for investigation

On Tuesday, Shevchuk not only filed a Queen’s Bench Court application to invalidate the results in his firm’s Calgary Skyview, but also contacted his client, the Canadian Electoral Commission (CCE), which said it was investigating Soweta.

CCE does not confirm its investigation to the News [Elections] Act. “

“The CCE does not generally confirm whether it has complained or has initiated an investigation into a specific issue,” spokeswoman Veronique Aapry said in a written statement.

“That said, these same privacy provisions do not extend to individuals outside our office who may be the subject of a complaint or complaint.”

The news reached the spokesperson of Chahal with the developments on Monday night but did not receive a response.

The Canadian Liberal Party did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Pennett had a doorbell security camera that he captured the night before the election. After he posted the video to Facebook, it received thousands of views.

The video shows a team member walking to the front door of a church in the northeast neighborhood of Chahal Temple before picking up a flyer put on by fellow campaign team members.

View | See surveillance footage posted to social networking sites in the video above

The flyer includes instructions on how and where to vote for Sawata.

Samota’s literature shows Pennett’s polling station as St. Thomas More School, but those who left Chahal directed voters to St. Clair Elementary School in a different neighborhood, 16 kilometers from the right place.

The Canada Electoral Act includes a section that impairs or prevents the dissemination of election advertising, which includes the disabling or removal of election signs or other election advertising.

If charged by the commissioner, the penalties set out in the statute can be up to $ 5,000 and up to six months in prison. Commissioners may use informal means to resolve a complaint, such as a warning or a letter of information.