List of News: Mynář legalized his game hunting with an addendum to the charter

List of News: Mynář legalized his game hunting with an addendum to the charter

List of News: Mynár legalized game hunting with an amendment to the charter

Illustration photo – The outgoing castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář.

Prague – The former head of the presidential office, Vratislav Mynář, legalized his free game hunting in the Lánská nature reserve with an addendum to the charter of the forest administration. The Seznam Správy server writes about it. According to the website, he submitted the amendment on September 16, 2022, i.e. at the time when the Castle was inspected by the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ), which accused Mynář, among other things, of so-called free hunting. According to the inspectors, this was against the rules of the time. President Miloš Zeman did not invite Mynař to the hunt, but Miloš Balák, the head of the Lány Forestry Administration at the time. The amendment to the charter then modified the chases.

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The inspectors found that Mynář shot 11 pieces of trophy game for 280,000 crowns in the examined years from 2019 to 2021, he also invited several dozen people to hunt for free, his hunts cost the local administration more than 3.5 million crowns in the period under review alone, according to the so far unpublished finding of the SAO.

The office relied on a specific paragraph of the founding document regarding the complaints. “It is clear from this provision that participation in free hunts is only possible for the president of the republic, his guests, or other constitutional officials,” they wrote in the protocol, according to the server, stating that they are based on the document effective during the controlled period. Mynář, however, denied this and claimed that, in accordance with the valid charter, hunting in the hunting grounds of the Lány Forestry Administration can be authorized by the President of the Republic, the Head of the Office of the President of the Republic and the Director of the Administration. received information about the administration's internal regulations and found that in the amendment dated September 16, 2022, it is stated that hunting in the Lány hunting grounds is not only carried out for the president, but also “for the performance of tasks related to the activities of the Forestry Administration of Lány or the Office of the President of the Republic”. The document also states that “they are free of charge”, added the server.

The server tried to get the opinion of Vratislav Mynář, but he did not respond to the questions. It is not so clear whether President Zeman knew about the amendment that changed the hunting rules in Lány, the website concludes. After Seznam Zprava drew attention to the dubious hunts, Zeman admitted that he did not know about them.