List of News: Mynař's castle car took trees to Auschwitz, he did not pay for the transport

List of News: Mynař's castle car took trees to Auschwitz, he did not pay for the transport

List of News: Mynár's castle car took trees to Auschwitz, he didn't pay for the transport

Illustrative photo – On November 25, 2022, the Ethics Commission of the Football Association of the Czech Republic punished the castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář (in the archive picture from October 11, 2022) with a two-year ban for violating the regularity of the competition.

Prague – Last year, the head of the presidential office, Vratislav Mynář, had the trees brought to Osvětiman in the Uherskohradišť region, where he is completing a new house, by a castle truck, and according to the findings of the Seznam Zprávy server, he did not pay tens of thousands for the transport. The trees were supplied by the private company Školky – Montano from Přerova nad Labem, which approximately two months after the delivery of the plantings to Mynář received a public order for the supply of 286,000 trees for 3.1 million crowns to the Lány Forest Service. It reports to the head of the Office of the President of the Republic. According to the company, it is a coincidence, Mynář did not respond to the editor's questions.

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List The reports mapped the routes to Auschwitz from the log book. It follows that Mynář sent a subordinate at the beginning of April 2022 to pick up trees in Přerov nad Labem, located 40 kilometers from Prague. The car with the trees went to Auschwitz twice in total, then returned part of the load to the supplier in Školek – Montano, a total of 1,819 kilometres, the website writes.

The director of the Prague Castle Administration at the time, Ivo Velíšek, admitted to Seznam Zprávám when asked directly that Mynář did not pay for the “presidential” transport of trees. “No invoices were issued for this transport. The founder gave me an instruction and I fulfilled it,” said Velíšek. According to the server, at the market price for renting the same vehicle of 30 crowns per kilometer, the transport would cost Mynář approximately 55,000 crowns. Velíška Mynář resigned last year before the end of the year. He justified this by doubting whether he managed the Prague Castle Administration well.

According to the company, Mynář paid for the trees, the company rejects the connection between the supply of trees for Mynář and the subsequent contract with last year's administration. She did not reveal the amount Mynář paid her. She allegedly found out about the order for Lany through “familiar acquaintances”. According to the register of contracts, this was the company's first ever order of over 50,000 crowns from an organization subordinate to the Office of the President of the Republic.

The server had previously reported that Mynář had a party tent belonging to Prague Castle brought from the capital to the ski slope in Auschwitz. He claimed to reporters that he had already paid the invoice to his subordinates for the loan and the transport, but then it turned out that he could not do it because the Castle had not yet issued one, Seznam Zpravy wrote.