List of News: Mynář's company filed a cassation complaint in the subsidy case

List of News: Mynář's company filed a cassation complaint in the subsidy case

List of Reports: Myná's firm filed a cassation complaint in the case endowment

Expiring castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář.

Prague – The Clever Management company of outgoing castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář has filed a cassation complaint against the judgment according to which the company should return the European subsidy for the guesthouse in Osvětimany in the Uherskohradišť region. The matter will now be resolved by the Supreme Administrative Court, the Seznam Zprávy website wrote this evening.

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The Olomouc branch of the Ostrava Regional Court recently canceled the decision of the Ministry of Finance, according to which the Clever Management company does not have to return the six million EU subsidy. The ministry will probably deal with the case again. The original decision was issued by the ministry when it was led by Alena Schillerová (ANO).

According to the server, the cassation complaint was filed not only by the company, but also by the Financial Appeals Directorate. This was confirmed to the website by the spokesperson of the Supreme Administrative Court, Sylva Dostálová.

The subsidy for the boarding house was allocated to Mynář's company Clever Management by the office of the Regional Council of the Central Moravian Cohesion Region, which administers the distribution of part of the EU subsidies. After an inspection of the funding, in which it encountered doubts, the authority asked the police to verify the subsidy. According to the office, Clever Management, contrary to the instructions, did not state in the subsidy application that the building was previously subsidized by the Ministry of Education. In February 2021, the police charged Mynar with the crime of damaging the financial interests of the European Union.

The Olomouc court dealt with the case after the supreme prosecutor Igor Stříž approached it about the subsidy. He was invited to file a lawsuit by the Regional Council of the Central Moravian Cohesion Region, which originally provided the subsidy. She demanded its return because new facts appeared that called into question its award.

After filing a lawsuit, the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office stated that the Ministry's decision, which made it impossible to return the subsidy, was, in their opinion, illegal. At the same time, according to the head of the plaintiffs, in this case there was also a serious public interest in having this decision reviewed by the court.

In its decision, the Ministry of Finance justified its decision to side with Clever Management, among other things, because in the decision-making about the subsidy, there was also an error on the side of the subsidy office. Moreover, according to him, it was not a case of such serious misconduct that the support had to be returned. However, the Regional Council of the Central Moravian Cohesion Region did not agree to this in the initiative it previously sent to the supreme prosecutor.