Live – Angela Merkel on Afghanistan: “Development underestimated”

Live – Angela Merkel on Afghanistan: “Development underestimated”

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Live – Angela Merkel on Afghanistan: “Development underestimated”

Updated: 08/25/202112:28

Special session in the Bundestag.

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The Bundestag is interrupting its summer break for a special session at which Chancellor Angela Merkel will give her last government address.

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+++ 12.27 p.m .: The largest evacuation operation in history is currently being carried out by the Bundeswehr. Almost half of the people evacuated from Kabul are women, according to the Chancellor. Merkel emphasizes that Germany is continuing to try to evacuate local workers. Merkel answers the question of why local staff and relatives were not evacuated earlier. The situation is very different.

+++ 12.21 p.m .: The operation in Afghanistan stands or falls with the troops of the USA, said the Chancellor. Germany and the allied nations, such as the US, underestimated the speed with which the Taliban brought Afghanistan under their control. But Germany did not go a separate way.

+++ 12.19 p.m .: Angela Merkel could “only guess” how great the pain is from relatives of those people who have lost someone while on duty in Afghanistan. She expresses her “appreciation and greatest thanks” to the soldiers.

+++ 12.17 p.m .: Angela Merkel comes to the desk. “We will all witness” the desperation with which thousands of people in Afghanistan try to get on an airplane “to freedom”. The Chancellor speaks of a tragedy and a “bitter development” for Afghans and all allies who were on duty in Afghanistan.

+++ 12.09 p.m .: The Bundestag commemorates the victims of the flood disaster and deceased MPs.

+++ 12.07 p.m .: Today it will also be about “unbureaucratic” support for the flood victims, as Schäuble announced.

+++ 12.03 p.m .: The session will be opened by Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble, who speaks of responsibility and the “seeds of freedom that we have sown”. Representatives of the Bundeswehr are also on site and follow the meeting from the stands.

Government clarification by Angela Merkel live: Special session in the Bundestag

First report from 08/25/2021, 11:58 a.m .: Berlin – Angela Merkel* will make her last government statement today (08/25/2021) at 12 noon. In a special session in German Bundestag* will the Chancellor* on the location in Afghanistan* Enter where the Taliban* have been in power for more than a week.

It is generally expected that Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will also withdraw from the SPD* expresses who is currently under political attack. The Chancellor and Maas had admitted that there had been grave errors in assessing the pace at which the radical Islamist movement finally conquered the country.

Crisis in Afghanistan: Angela Merkel admits serious mistakes

In the course of the conquest, there was a lot of criticism of the German government, especially because Afghan local workers, their families and other people at risk in Afghanistan were not evacuated and flown out before the seizure of power. There were also many allegations against Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

The Bundestag is supposed to subsequently approve the current evacuation operation of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan, which should end again soon.

In the special session, for which the Bundestag is interrupting its summer break, it should also deal with the “epidemic situation” with regard to the corona* -Pandemic and aid money in the billions for the areas affected by the flood disaster. (lrg) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.