Loef Camper with built-in Big Green Egg

Loef Camper with built-in Big Green Egg

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Loef Camper with built-in Big Green Egg

For some people, camping is literally ‘living somewhere else for a while’. They lure televisions, bread machines, laptops, game consoles and half their furniture along just to feel at home. That is all a bit exaggerated, but we understand very well that you want to eat at least as good as at home on holiday. Can’t imagine a summer evening without your kamado barbecue? Then there is now a solution from the German Loef: a motorhome with a built-in Big Green Egg.

Under the seating area – which doubles as a bed – is a pull-out drawer in which the kamado barbecue is patiently waiting for you to fill its belly with a piece of raw meat. The Big Green Egg slides about one meter away from the camper. The swing doors of the Loef Camper cannot close while cooking, so check the wind direction.

You prefer to eat in the open air under the awning, but inside it is just as atmospheric. The sides of the Loef Camper are covered with wood and subtle mood lighting has been used. Open the sliding door to access the minibar. There is a cushion on the minibar so that it is also an extra chair. The two seats in the front of the bus can be turned to allow another two people to join in the fun.

As is often the case with motorhomes, we are amazed at the amount of stuff that Loef was able to build in. There is a shower and a toilet and for the days when the barbecue is not switched on, there is a gas kitchen. There are solar panels on the roof that heat the water from the shower and kitchen. In addition, you can simply plug your electronics into one of the sockets, which supply 230 volts just like at home.

What does the Loef Camper with built-in Big Green Egg cost?

The camper is a converted Man TGE, which is actually a Volkswagen Crafter again. In the front is a 2.0-litre diesel engine with 180 hp. In Germany you pay at least 110,000 euros for the Loef Camper. If there are still some options, you will quickly go towards 125,000 euros. Keep in mind that the bus still needs a Dutch registration number, so some tax will have to be paid before you can travel.