Lourdes Sacín on Xoana: “She earns her money honestly, but they shouldn’t advertise it”

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Lourdes Sacín on Xoana: “She earns her money honestly, but they shouldn’t advertise it”

The journalist Lourdes Sacín gave his opinion this morning about the new purchase of Xoana gonzalez. The model revealed yesterday before the cameras of Magaly TV, the firm that acquired its own department with the money it earned using the OnlyFans platform.

Argentina presented in the program your new property, to which he plans to move in 2023. This is valued at 250,000 soles and has an area of ​​40 square meters.

“If we can live from porn all our lives, I’m happy”Xoana added.

Xoana gonzalez

Lourdes Sacín questions Xoana

Faced with the news, the journalist took to Facebook to comment on her opinion about the new purchase. He said it’s good to know that Xoana won the money honestly, but criticized that he exhibits so much his work on the popular virtual platform. He argued that the news could cause confusion among young people who want to look for easy money and decide not to study.

“All good, you earn your money honestly, but They should not advertise it because perhaps disoriented young people could imitate that instead of studying and looking for easy money”Sacín wrote.

She added that the method that Xoana uses to generate money “is not to be proud either. If not, that career would have to be included in the vocational guidance talks ”.

Lourdes Sacín gave her opinion on the new purchase of Xoana González. Photo: Facebook / El Popular capture

Xoana’s career

Xoana González and her husband, Javier, have become famous on the platform of OnlyFans for uploading explicit content. Given the news that this would restrict sexual publications, the model revealed that they would already have an action plan.

If it is not OnlyFans, it will be another platform. I am not afraid of changes, on the contrary. This is an opportunity to get out of the known and discover another world. Our fans love our videos and I’m sure they will follow us wherever we go.”, Indicated in an interview with Trome.