Love and a pinch of jealousy: Fish-Rams waiting for an excess of attention

14 Feb charm of the house cusp may give him difficulties.

Любовь и щепотка ревности: Рыб-Овнов ждёт избыток внимания

The transition spring and the zodiac is unique. The sensuality of Fish and sunk the Rams make it surprisingly attractive. But Valentine’s Day guarantees the cusp of even more attention from the opposite sex. It is literally in excess, that not all Fish-Rams will end equally well.

On Friday, mercury and Venus will join forces and force born from March 19 to March 24 “sink” in the attention of others. At the same time on the cusp himself, they almost will have no influence over the expulsion — only the attitude of other characters to him. One of his representatives have already prepared dozens of “Valentines”, others are just nice words or symbolic gifts. Natural magnetism Pisces-Aries this day will be used on all cylinders. But astrologers say that they will not only love, but also a pinch of jealousy.

Due to the fact that the Fish-Aries will not be able to control an excess of attention to themselves, those who already have partners, will force the latter considerably to survive. But even in such a situation, you can avoid unpleasant conversations and possible conflicts. The main thing is to “busy” Fish-Aries have not responded with sympathy to the attentions of strangers. Otherwise then they will not work to make excuses. Even “obnova” stubbornness will not help, because “fish” sentimentality it is better to suppress one day.

But lonely representatives of cusp will be happy — so much love and adoration, and all at once they. Here it is important not to become proud and not turn up his nose from this position, there is a chance of “missed” his long-awaited soul mate, warn astrologers.

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