Luis García Plaza: “We are going to give many teams a lot of war”

Luis García Plaza: “We are going to give many teams a lot of war”

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Luis García Plaza: “We are going to give many teams a lot of war”

Real Mallorca does not want to go unnoticed on their return to the First Division and although the squad is not yet closed, coach Luis García trusts his team after a good preseason despite injuries.

Players like Greif or Amath have not yet been able to play; Raíllo, Jaume Costa and Ángel They have done it with physical reserves and Abdon, for serving quarantine for a contact, missed the ‘stage’ of Benidorm.

Despite this, the Madrid coach is happy after seeing the performance of his team with six wins and one loss in seven games.

According to Luis García “the team competes well, leaves the soul and plays to the fullest, and the important thing is that the sensations are good and although we are going to suffer, the team is going to show its face and it is going to give a lot of war to many teams. “

Regarding the lack of reinforcements, the technician assures that “the technical secretariat is working well and reinforcements will arriveThey are doing everything possible but we are Mallorca and we are all starting to say what we are or we will make mistakes to people “.

On the ‘headdresses’, the vermilion coach regrets that “Ángel has been dragging some problems since his time at Getafe, Jaume Costa the same, Abdon comes out of quarantine and it is taking a bit of trouble for him, Amath is coming out little by little, the truth is that it has been a very rugged preseason. “

If something has caught the attention of Luis García in this preseason, it has been the level shown by the youth squad forward Pablo Gálvez: “If Angel had been one hundred percent and Abdon as well, perhaps he would not have entered, but he has left me very good feelings in the games he has played and at some point in the season the opportunity may come “.

Finally one more time Luis García has not entered to assess the situation of the Englishman Sturridge, who came to test and has not been heard from him again: “I don’t know anything about him, I have only seen him once, he had some discomfort and I have not returned to him. watch”.