Luis Miguel: Diego Boneta recounts his transformation as a singer

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Luis Miguel: Diego Boneta recounts his transformation as a singer

Luis Miguel, the successful Netflix series, showed us the difficulties that the Mexican singer went through throughout his life, whether professionally or personally. However, it would not be the end for fiction, since it renewed for a third season.

The interpretation of Diego Boneta as the ‘Sol de México’ it has been acclaimed by various means and reasons are not lacking. In essence, the actor would have resorted to method acting to be able to blend in with the character, according to a recent interview with the actor by El País.

“I became obsessive, crazy. It was a project that I totally lost myself with, especially in the first season, because I knew the only way it was going to work was if I became the character. Only if I believed it, was I going to make others believe it ”.

After these statements, he explained how he feels as a kind of substitute for the original singer: “It makes me crazy. There are many young people who did not know him. Many parents approach me and tell me that their children did not know who Luis Miguel was and they think I am. Like it is something that does not fit my head. Luis Miguel there is only one ”.

Luis Miguel, the series continues as one of the most popular series on the streaming service. Photo: composition / Netflix

Luis Miguel, the series – official synopsis

It narrates the life of the famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel, one of the most legendary stars of Latin song of all time. The series covers his life and his career since its inception, when he was a child who was already triumphing with just 12 years in the world of music.